Will the MAGA movement without President Trump in power continue to prosper?

I thought to share this piece about how in Judaism there are four sons who represent a symmetrical behavior pattern viewing the different kind of people from their religious perspective.

Being a gentile myself I was raised differently essentially not valuing opinions of “evil” people nearly enough.

Note in this story the wise son must keep the wicked but informed brother closest to him at all times.

I guess the moral of this aged old tale is for us all to ultimately prevail here with Trump leaving office is to keep the MAGA movement he pioneered evolving by not only keeping the faith but relying on sage advice of wise people who maintain high regard for all humans too.

Chances are good to further the cause will continue to grow, just feel it best to mention that upfront respecting all is of paramount importance too.

What say you?


With him banned from Twitter? No lol.

Trump was just a beginning. GenX are still taking the reins. Cultural shift.

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If they can find someone who can lie as good as trump, yes. If they can find someone who can blatantly disregard any humanity or integrity for his own benefit, yes.

My feeling is no. Trump was one of a kind(bad one).

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Will the movement continue? Yes.

What movement is that, the lie, cheat and steal movement of MAGA.

That the nation can do without.


I think the always need to be a victim part of the movement will continue for a long time.

Interesting question.

There is a lot of room for a charismatic leader without the abrasive baggage of the last one.

The idea of the USA as a nation and philosophy that rises above global aspiration is a solid one.

It will end and die quickly. Alot of these Trumper don’t understand and or too ignorant to understand, there are and were a lot of vocal politicians saying in order for America to survive there needs to be a strong foundation of American industry and manufacturing. That American companies need to stop outsourcing manufacturing to places like China, Vietnam and Mexico. Lower corporate tax rates to be competitive on the International scales, and protect American companies from China from stealing American
technology and ideas. Condoleezza Rice for example has been preaching MAGA for years, yet maybe because of her skin color, most so called “conservatives” didn’t listen. I’m sick and tired of these “Trumpers” calling themselves America First when there have been conservatives calling for the exact same things for years now they are calling themselves conservatives.

No offense to your generation and your Supreme Leader Alanis Morissette, but what does someone born in the second year of the baby boom have to do with y’all except being your parents?

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Trump-centric bellyaching? No.

Q and White Nationalism? Only going to get worse.

No one knows for sure, I think we will have to see what 4 years of Biden brings. A lot could go right or extremely wrong in 4 years which will determine what comes to counter it with.

Does it need a charismatic leader?

How so? The broad members I mean.

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What exactly are examples of the type of mechanisms and timing that makes you so confident that the end of MAGA is already underway?

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Stop trolling

It’s called nationalist traditionalist populism. It is growing worldwide. It is a rejection of secular homogenising globalism worldwide.


Versus what? Lie cheat and steal movement of left-wing authoritarians?

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Yeah there’s another word for that I’m pretty sure.