Will the GOP try to pivot away from trump and is it to late?

pretty much every poll is showing biden beating trump. more and more polls are showing it to be a potential landslide

cooks political report today shows Biden with 279 electoral votes with some key states like florida still listed as toss ups.

some GOP strategists are saying they dont see any GOP congressional candidates being able to outperform trump.

at what point does the GOP realize that in addition to probably losing the white house they are at a serious risk of losing the senate and being creamed in the house? Does the GOP start to work to distance themselves from trump in order to save their own careers.

based on recent polls the GOP is in danger of losing their senate seats in arizona,north carolina,montana,maine and possibly even georgia

Personally, as much as I dislike the man and his grifter family, I think he will win a second term


Based on what? There simply isn’t any evidence that he has the necessary support beyond his diehard base.

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The GOP has been through this in 2016 so I’d say NO!


He still has the support of his base and their mindless belief in the cult in critical states will swing it. This is just my opinion. He may be a grifter but he has a lucky streak

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his hard core base still supports him but if just 50k votes in the swing states change he loses. thats all was needed in 2016. Hes been working hard to turn off many times that many independents and moderates

libs and their spoon-fed fantasies.

Will the dimocrats “pivot” (makes me sound so serious, right?) away from biden and is it to (sic) late??


I am sure we will see many responses to this thread that will show the level of support

Newsroom fantasies.


And the name calling begins.


Shrug. Talk to me after Labor Day. If the Senate races still look this bad or anywhere near this bad, McConnell may decide that if it’s gonna be him as minority leader with a majority of Democrats who have had to deal with him shredding the traditions of the Senate for years or throwing Trump to the wolves, well, see ya later Trump. Especially if he looks like a sure loser.

Still too early.

I believe it was @NebraskaFootball who linked to a Rolling Stone article recently that discussed why things would have to get much worse in the next several weeks before GOP politicians would consider jumping off the SS Trump to save their careers. Even if they do oppose him/find him distasteful, right now they won’t risk pissing off his devoted base.

Democratic Party has a long history of utterly screwing up a lead. If they have any sense of history/intelligence they’ll campaign like they are 15points behind. I can hope but I have no faith that they will.


As the OP shows the level of desperation.

State polls were ~3 points off in 2016 and even after that bumbling moron idioted his way through the last several months, he’s still only around -5 in a bunch of key states.

There IS reason to think that -5 will become -3 over the next few months and NO reason to think that the gap between polls and results will be different this time around.

But most importantly, the world is still paying me back for that time I took a 3rd piece of pizza at church camp that one time when I was only supposed to have 2.


You nailed it. The cult of trump is equal to if not worse than the cult of Obama

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The most amusing scenario is that even if he loses, Trump will demand their fealty even out of office. Probably for a run at 2024. Gonna be tough for conservatives to grab their tricorner hat and musket and pretend they never supported him.

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The vindictive, petulant tweets railing against traitorous Republicans will keep Trump occupied until long past January 2021. He’ll have the art form elevated to the level of beat poetry, or zen koans.

IF he loses.

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Don’t forget Iowa and South Carolina. They are at risk if trump continues to spiral.


The President is having to spend money in Georgia.


Cook political is pretty much right on the money.

Trump is in dire straits in the rust belt.