Will The Dems Say Anything To Get Elected?

Dems will get thee House and Reps will keep thee Senate.

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Did I say I had videos?

Your thread implies that you believe the Democrats are the only party to engage in this activity. Is that an accurate assessment?

Yes, and just like last election, I bet they are attacking the board again to shut up debate…

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A racist alt-left? I’m really so surprised. “Cracker State", I mean “cracka state”
“All crackas!!” The alt-left are epic.

Both sides do it. Here in Michigan, the Republicans are showing ads that are nothing but lies.

Grab the wine and cheese. The Floridians are bringing the crackers.

Those are called “issues”.

Immigration and taxes are definitely issues.

Fear mongering and lying about “middle eastern terrorists” joining the caravan and saying that Republicans will pass a middle-class tax cut before the midterms aren’t issues. They are lies.

Did the election already happen and I missed it? Who won?

Perhaps we will see it at the same time we see the new health plan that will give everyone really low cost health care.

Simply use the same think-no think paradigm the alt-left used when Obama deliberately failed to deliver on his promise made during rallies when he used the predictable ovation lines:

“We’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.”
“But here’s the thing: we’re gonna do all these negotiations on C-SPAN. So the American people will be able to watch these negotiations.”

No. I’m not saying that R’s are completely innocent.

But I am saying that the Liberal Socialist Democrat politicians, are a lot more evil,
corrupt, and have a lot less morals.

What has trump done so far? Where’s my better, cheaper health care?

Dude, your posts are just boring.

Or we could just become a Socialist country like the Dem Dem’s want, and a one party system
and do as we’re all told like good little voter drones?

Pocket just uncovered a new, terrifying wing of the Democratic Party: The Dem Dems.

Thank you for your service, sir.

No specifics, of course, so a real troll OP. But to answer reverse answer your question, Trump has shown he certainly will make crap up since he’s been making up ■■■■ about caravans and immigrants and, well, Dems. So you really asked the wrong question.

What questions should I be asking?

When you said ****, what does that mean?

It’s a coming. Don’t you worry.

I’m such most Americans prefer to trust Trump, who is an outsider of what most politicians have been for quite some time, over people like Obama, and the Democrat Party.

If the Republicans win the Midterms on both floors, then he will be able to accomplish a lot more things a lot faster for the American people.