Will The Dems Say Anything To Get Elected?

The Democrats keep getting caught on tape, being exposed for what they really stand for
if they win in the Mid-Term elections.

So I guess the question is, will the Democrat politicians say and do anything to get the vote in the Mid-Term elections?

yes. They will say anything. They want to censor us and paint us as evil, anti-Semites. They don’t understand that we’re just trying to make America great again by securing its borders and bringing back manufacturing.

Well we know republicans will. They’re out there filing lawsuits to end coverage for pre-existing conditions, and at the same time saying they’re protecting them.

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This is a pretty awesome position to take with our idiot president nakedly slinging dog ■■■■ at the walls in a last ditch desperation for votes.


Have you not been paying to attention to basically everything that Trump has been doing/saying the past month?

Fat donlad pulls ■■■■ out of his pocket like an abracadabra trick.

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Thank you for being honest.

Hard 6 coming out.


Goodnight, Ellen.

Do you have some videos I could see of the Republican Politicians or their staff members, getting caught on tape, really telling the truth about what the candidate is truly about?

They do it in public. No videos needed.

They say they’ll protect pre-existing conditions while gutting them.

They’ll hand out more tax breaks and slash SS and Medicare to pay for them.

Say they’re for education while bleeding resources away from schools.

All you have to do is watch them.

Don’t need an O’Keefe.

Tell me how you really feel? I guess no blue wave like the Liberal Statics said there would be?

Hey… aren’t we supposed to get the details on the new tax cut for the middle class trump and the boys have been working on … promised to be revealed by Nov 1?

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A blue wave would be dynamic, not static.

So are you saying that you’re Liberal Democrat politicians and their staff members are telling the truth?

Do libs ever tell the truth?

Win Win Win.

I like to win also.
Do you like to win?
How do you think the midterms will turn out?
Will the Dem Dems win or will the Republicans keep the House and Senate?

Is there a link or just pulling this out of thin air?


I get really dry hands also sometimes.

They do it in public.


I would generalize and say that all politicians will say and do anything to get elected. That said, it’s humorous that you’ve created a thread about Democrats doing that, when our President is the best example of this practice.

From the “caravan”, to middle class tax cuts, to taking away birth-rite citizenship … the dude will say and do anything to get Republicans elected. He is, by far, the best example of what your OP is trying to prove.