Will the Democrat Party elites face the same outcome with Bernie the Republican Party elites did with Trump?

Clearly the the Democratic Party elites are getting everyone in line to rally around Biden with the hope of stopping Bernie, but will it work. I remember the Republican primary with Trump and everyone saying that once the field came down to just two candidates Trump would fall, and we all know how that worked out. So what do you think will be the outcome with this Democrat primary?

I don’t think if Bernie wins he’ll put elites in his cabinet as Trump did (DeVos, Mnunchin, Ross).

Biden just got major endorsement yesterday (I thing it was yesterday) from Bill Kristol?

A big goverment, big corporation neo-con is encouraging conservatives to vote for Biden.

Congrats for those Biden supporters…your party has become big goverment, big corporation globalist neo-libs.

Does he get points for that? Given how rare elite communists are in this country he doesn’t have much a of a pool to draw from.

Considering Bernie is not a real Commie but a classic New Deal Democrat (I know…today many people consider those to be one and the same) not sure he’d be looking for any to put in his cabinet.

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Oh please.

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Not my fault you don’t understand the difference.

LOL yeah take over all our healthcare, our energy and anything else they can get their hands on.

Right Jay…you’re not BSing anyone here.

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He’s not…that’s simply what the headlines are saying he’s doing.

Here is your non-communist, speaking at the invitation of the communist regime in Nicaragua in 1985.

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You know we can visit he website right?

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He does get points, nothing like bringing on an out-of-touch elitist whose kids went to private school to head up Department of Education.

So many mistakenly blame outside forces for the evil doings of those…inside. Why…they’ve been sheoplized. They’re told what to think every night by their shepherds and then come regurgibleet it here in Hannity Land. I never thought I’d witness such weakness from my fellow Americans.

Is 1985 fair game? Got sone Trump stuff to show you :laughing:

But yes, carry on with the Communism! scare

This is just going to be glorious if the Kid Sniffer gropes out a victory.


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Better than an old hippy spouting multi-trillion dollar education plans though isn’t it.

Sure, show me when he was in bed with communist regimes. I’ll wait. And why shouldn’t we be afraid of communists? They have racked up an impressive death toll in my lifetime.

No way.

Sanders - Understands that school costs are way out of control and many young adults are drowning in student loan debt.
DeVos - Has zero idea about average Americans and their struggles.

Sanders is a moron without any clue how to pay for his largesse. Oh and stop acting like never worked a day in his life multi-millionaire Bernie is some sort of man of the people.

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Ok, I went to the dentist today so I really did listen to the “CEC” (i.e. Rush) while driving. So this time I really am getting the concept there, like so often alleged around here.
Limbaugh was suggesting that the Democrat powers were not so much believing that Biden would beat Trump (or [my own words] what is left of Biden), but that they are afraid Bernie will mess them up downstream in the House and Senate. Makes sense to me.