Will the CIA's Hammer and Scorecard put the hammer and sickle over the US?

Also a birther.

Yep. Same guy.

In this conspiracy theory, who would have been behind the use of this software?
Sidney Powell pointed fingers at CIA, FBI, politicians… Missing from her list of people behind this conspiracy were Democrats. I wonder why that is.

Here is what the Washington Psost reported last year:

. . . almost all of the machines in the room were still used in elections across the United States, despite having well-known vulnerabilities that have been more or less ignored by the companies that sell them. Many had Internet connections, Hursti said, a weakness savvy attackers could abuse in several ways . . . "Election officials across the country as we speak are buying election systems that will be out of date the moment they open the box,” Wyden said in the Voting Village’s keynote speech. “It’s the election security equivalent of putting our military out there to go up against superpowers with a peashooter.”

The systems are extremely vulnerable, and most are sold overseas. Does anyone doubt the CIA would develop tools to monitor and “fix” elections overseas?

Democrats have claimed that Trump is an existential threat / dictator. Is rigging an election fair game to remove such an incredible “threat”?

Of course, hacking the election with sophisticated cyberweapons is not the only way to rig things. Versions of ballot stuffing is also possible:


Is anyone keeping score?

Hammer and Scorecard
Dead Voters
Mail-in Havresting

I’m sure there’s something I’m missing.


We need to investigate every whacko thing any nutjob anywhere ever says, or we can never have faith in Democracy again!

Melissa Carone is not, and never has been an “IT Contractor,” and the extent of her claims boil down to there wasn’t enough food. All of your websites are lying to you.

Has he been convicted of this alleged “conning [of] the Pentagon out of hundreds of millions of dollars” ?

Some democrats are a subset of CIA and FBI. Maybe to avoid redundancy.

Seems the original guy was a con artist who conned the Pentagon out of millions for a technology that didn’t exist during the War on Terror gold rush.