Will the CIA's Hammer and Scorecard put the hammer and sickle over the US?

Retired Air Force General Thomas McInerney has dire warnings that the CIA election hacking tools, Hammer and Scorecard, are being used as a superweapon for election fraud. These weapons were developed by the CIA during George W. Bush’s first term for use overseas against Islamists.

Hammer is a surveillance software that was originally used to go after radical Islamists.
Scorecard manipulates voting booths to rig elections. Both were intended for CIA use overseas and use in the US is illegal.

Obama turned the cyberweapons against political opponents starting in 2009. The vote dumps in battleground states in wee hours of November 4 are evidence of hacking in the 2020 election using Scorecard.

People must understand that this software was used to overturn the 2020 election, the first time the United States’ history that massive amounts of cyberwarfare have been used in our voting system. . . If Republicans lose this election they will never win another again. It will really be hammer and sickle . . . flying in the United States.

Will free and fair elections be impossible if these hacking tools are allowed to rig elections?

Can these cyberweapons result in a one-party dictatorship?

oann… the network pushing the idocy that somehow there is a server captured by the US Army that shows trump wining the electoral college by over 400 points? that OANN?

Do you have any actual evidence to refute the information and dire warnings from General McInerney?

As noted in other threads, these cyberweapons were used to rig elections in Venezuela. The regime change the country from from the richest in Latin America into a socialist dictatorship with bread lines.

Is that what will happen in the US if we allow hackers to take control over our elections?

yup. 50 piece of evidence: the word of 50 secretary of states from both parties.

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To answe the OP, no because it’s another discredited theory. One of the Republican canvassers in MI was pushing this same OAN video along with the usual Republican conspiracy gibberish and mandatory racist Obama memes.

Apparently someone got to him.

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The rigging targeted a few swing states. The opinions from 40+ states may well be accurate.

For the others, you are basically asking the Secretaries of State if they have been doing their jobs. Who is going to admit that they screwed up?

Worse yet, who is going to admit they were complicit in rigging the election?

The comments on that OANN link are pure gold. Stable group of people.

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Is there such software and has it been used anywhere in the world? If so, this should be declassified and its use repudiated. It would undermine the faith in democracy throughout the world.
If serious reasons exist to believe such a thing is available to the intelligence agencies, then this should be investigated.
If it is used to undermine democracy anywhere, it could be used anywhere.
If it is just a made up thing, then show that and repudiate the people who claimed it exists.

Pam Geller was behind this one? Haven’t heard that name for awhile, I guess Islamofascism isn’t the vibrant market it used to be.


Sec of state, their entire staff and every single election workers, volunteer, observers and lawyers of all political parties all somehow complicit and quiet? While the president of the United States with the full backing of the federal government and litteraly millions in funding and thousands of lawyers are digging and trying to find a single case and failing 29 times? Suuuuuure

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The alleged fact check is about a video of votes moving from the 2018 election, which is not what the McInirney is discussing. On top of that, the fact check offers no evidence to say that the hacking tools were not in use; it just quotes experts who claim that there could be other explanations for the simultaneous shift of the exact same number of votes from the Republican to the Democrat.

Unlike the “experts” quoted in the fact check, General McInirney worked in the Bush and Obama administrations and has personal knowledge of the CIA cyberweapons.

No, he didn’t. He retired from the military in 1994.

In retirement, he was a huge cheerleader for the second Iraq war, and a Birther.

It would have taken 30 seconds for you to Google that before you posted.

The voting systems are connected to the internet so hacking can occur without the knowledge of poll workers. The software simply moves a fraction of the votes from one candidate to the other while keeping vote total correct.

The only way to detect the change is full manual hand count, which is what happened in Antrim County, Michigan.

All of this “Hammer and Scorecard” nonsense comes directly from Dennis Montgomery - a man famous for two things - involvement with Sheriff Joe, and conning the Pentagon out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

No they aren’t. Learn something.

OANN…the fair and credible news source for election loss deniers. :wink:

This is also false. There was no “full manual hand count” in Antrim.

Big Trumper, got himself banned from Fox for what he said about McCain. Just another crank.

Yep. That guy.

To be specific, he accused John McCain of treason.