Will taxing the rich really be able to fund everything Democrats promise?


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Income tax on the top 1% doesn’t get you anything. They don’t earn a wage.

That’s why it’s called an income tax and not a wage tax.

How did someone arrive at 70 billion? That seems low. According this source :


“The number of students projected to attend American colleges and universities in fall 2018 is 19.9 million”

If you project an average cost of even just $20,000 per student we are at 400 billion dollars. Also, I don’t believe that 20 million includes trade schools or two year technical schools either.

PS - I’m not here to defend the Republican tax plan.

Total tuition and fees spent on public postsecondary institutions in FY2017 (4-year, 2-year and less than 2-year): $75.842 Billion [1]

  1. https://nces.ed.gov/pubs2019/2019021REV.pdf

Again, I would argue that hat number is very low as well. Based on the numbers I found we would be looking at adding about another 5 million students to the public school system, which from this source indicates that we spend on average over $12,000 per student:

That would put the costs at over 56 billion.

70 billion divided by 20 million only gives an average cost of $3,500 per student? I’ll have to look at that source over again? The math doesn’t seem to add up?


The new green deal and Medicare for all would bankrupt America ten times over, shouldn’t even be a discussion but fake news will push it because it will hurt America. These people are sick!

There are about 15 million enrolled in public institutions. Table 5 of the source I cited.

Well ■■■■■ if M4A is going to bankrupt America 10 times over, what’s the current system which will cost $2 trillion more over 10 years going to do to us?


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15 million is still only about $4,700 student.

Ok? Are you objecting to the Education Department’s report that breaks down the financials of postsecondary institutions?

No, If dems would actually study their dream land of Scandinavia, they’d find out they tax the heck out of the poor and lower classes to pay for everything.

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Stop arguing just to argue. I was obviously speaking to the means of the upper class generally and how well off the super rich are.

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