Will Mitch follow his own standards?

God Bless Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Yeah i find it very ironic. The political games harry reid use to play and not a word from the base about his tactics. Now it comes full circle and bites them in their ass. But all of sudden standards are now important.


However, if Trump nominates someone from his list before the election, the Democrats objection to her appointment will feed in to deliberations re the election, and this debate could force the Dems to present a shortlist of their own. This could force them into being more transparent about their Supreme Court plans.

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1988 Anthony Kennedy

Great, then you agree we should wait for them to speak in November 2020 as well.

What hypocrisy? Mitch’s reasoning was that it was a certainty that a new President would be inaugurated soon. No such certainly exists today.

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There’s a long tradition, we don’t have, communist, rioting, anarchist, lying, cheating, satanic, crazy people trying to overthrow America and give it to a foreign country.


What a frightening fictional world you describe.

Will Mitch follow his own standards?
Of course not. These people are corrupt to the core.

Fictional hallucinations of 630,000 dead babies a year, more than enough for divine punishment to the country. Leftists be gone.

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I’m a Dem and I sincerely hope the Dems don’t do this.

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I see no hypocrisy. The situation then and now are different. Then there was a divided house. Senate held by the Rs and the Executive by Ds. Now, both Executive and Senate are held by the Rs.

Tell me, if you had a Dem senate and a Dem Executive right now, would you support and expect them to wait until after the election to seat the next Justice?

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Trump loves these sort of fights. He ONLY plays to his base, that has been his m.o. for some time. No, Trump will nominate.

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I rarely agree with you but you are right. Some crazy Dems will go too far and that will play into Trump’s hand, negating this whole court issue for Dems.

[quote=“Safiel, post:32, topic:235483, full:true”]
If Biden wins and Democrats take the Senate, they will likely quickly counter this move.

Safiel, please list, if any, which one of your counter measures you so described will not be at least contemplated by either party in similar circumstances of a justice passing away right before a general election.

And noteworthy here is every sitting President prior has nominated his replacement pick in without exception.

I would think McConnell would do a head count. The Dims won’t approve any Trump nominee even if it were a black woman! Romney, McCluskey both nays. How many vulnerable Republicans in the Nov 3rd election should there be a vote?
The Rs really need to think this thing out.

Both the Dems and Republicans already know what their respective next moves - legal maneuver’s are long before a seat on the Supreme Court even suddenly becomes vacant.

And if Biden wins, and a Dem Senate happens…a clear signal the American people don’t want Trump making the nomination?



Those who reject abiding by the text of our Constitution, and the intentions and beliefs under which it was agree to, as documented from historical records and gives context to its text, wish to remove the anchor and rudder of our constitutional system so they may then be free to “interpret” the Constitution to mean whatever they wish it to mean.

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