Will Mitch Betray the Republican Base Again?

Mitch seems to be heading toward impeachment of Trump, for one final finger in the eye…

Who will follow him in that betrayal?

He has betrayed us so many times & just keeps getting back in…

Hopefully he retires next time & we are done with him for good. Republicans keep voting him back in…he has a primary fight coming for sure if he betrays us again.

I hope if the senate republican’s vote for this the republican party totally is destroyed & a new one formed based on conservative policies & guts.

Why would impeaching Trump betray the Republican base?

Are you the base?

Yes, find out mid term primaries.


Why would impeaching Trump betray the Republican base?

The American people who saw a coup attempt on Jan 6th need a trial of President Trump and hearings on the capitol insurrection. With a democrat Congress and DoJ, I’m betting we’ll get one.

I’d like to see President Trump forbidden from running for office again. After a up or down conviction vote, I’d entertain a pardon from Biden.

There was an ongoing coup the last 4 years, the left finally got their coup to take Trump out of office. The country has suffered & will for some time as a result of the stolen election & coup the left perpetrated. Evil.

Illegitimate Biden & Harris.

He is 78 now, at the end of his term he will be 84. Will he run again for 6 more years? I hope not.

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