Will Leftist control of Hollywood slip now?

Being conservative in Hollywood ends most careers in acting or film making.

But will that change now that Hollywood’s sexual predators (rapists, perverts) no longer get “protection” by advancing liberal causes?

Weinstein illustrated the scam. When exposed he thought taking on the NRA would “change the narrative” and he’d be accepted as the good guy again.

It didn’t. So there’s no profit in perverts proclaiming themselves liberal anymore, or actively hurting conservatives for “sex credits”.

Will liberal hold on Hollywood slip now that it doesn’t protect raptists etc?

Every single person here on this board is either a victim of sexual abuse, or knows/is related to several victims. It’s the same in every neighborhood, poor and rich alike, in every last city and town across the entire nation.

Predators are everywhere. Victims are everywhere. Victims turned predators are everywhere. This nation is sexually violated, and we pretend it’s all happening somewhere else.

My heart to my fellow victims. I wish I had the answer.


Roger Aisles. Bill O’Reilly.

Don’t pretend abuse is a partisan thing.

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Its not, and the idea wasn’t in the OP. Rather, its the scam predators ran will full compliance of Women’s organizations. NOW etc. If a predator parroted the “leftist party line” the various woman’s organizations protected them from prosecution. They even led novice actresses to the predator’s room, then abandoned them.

As long as the left’s causes were promoted, perverts got away with rape. With full knowledge of all the leftists in Hollywood.

But no more. That “agreement” between perverts and the left is gone now, they are being exposed regardless what conservative they harm.

So I’m predicting Hollywood may become less leftist, there’s nothing in it for the perverts anymore.

Mace, stun gun, or more lethal protection.

Your post contradicts itself in two sentences. What about the priests in the Catholic Church who were accused of or allowed abuse to happen? Are they leftists as well? It’s not a partisan issue. Period.

If I had the means to protect myself when I was three, absolutely. For my children, I’m always packing multiple options for their safety. With the Lord’s blessings, I’ve thus far been able to keep them innocent.

It’s not just your nation

It really is the norm. My mother suffered it, I was lucky to avoid it.

But those pretending it’s not what it is deserve a slap upside the head.

Everything is far better than we like to pretend. Everything is far worse.

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Hi don’t know anyone who was sexually abused, unless they just haven’t admitted it.

However I do know several people who were physically abused by their fathers when they were children while the mother did nothing.

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You know someone who was sexually abused.

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Also I agree with those who say it isn’t a partisan thing. Only affects liberals in the entertainment industry because it’s already overwhelmingly left wing.

Both Clinton and Trump have been accused of sexual.abuse.

Cognitive Dissonance. The movie you see isn’t in the OP.

This is about a scam, the “casting couch” has been around for decades, Weinstein’s acts well known. Recall how the child rapist Roman Polanski received a standing ovation. They were all in on it.

Perverts could be the scum of the earth, as long as they parroted the leftist party line, no one prosecuted them.

But no more. Now everyone’s trying to revive their career ratting them out. Its a tsunami taking out Hollywood greats one after another. Now Morgan Freeman is accused. Imagine that. He was untouchable before now.

As the rewards for parroting leftist crap vanish, I predict less people will do so.

New arrivals may even come out as Conservatives, just to separate themselves from the filth. Knowing the left can’t end their careers like before.

You definitely know people who haven’t admitted it. Once upon a time in this nation, it was normal for the victims to be silenced so as not to cause embarrassment. More people these days are likely to come forward, but it’s still a cancer on the dark underbelly of our civilization.

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I understand it’s not just our nation and my heart is certainly with all victims worldwide as well. I forget that you and others are not from here because we’re so much alike in spite of our politics.

It’s all good.

We’ve had perhaps a greater reckoning than you have with our child entertainers.

But it’s the same everywhere. People are people.

We’re more moral than we’ve ever been, imo. But we’re more aware also. Pedophiles used to scate.


Even female leftists are guilty of it. But I agree, its not partisan. But look at the tsunami of perversion in liberal Hollywood. I wonder if we’ll ever see a study like they do on other groups…

xxx perverts per 1000 lefiists

You can’t find enough conservatives to make them part of the survey, and it might invalidate it as being accurate as far as Hollywood is concerned.

Oh I know about the silencing. There was physical abuse of kids happening at a relatives home. Even as a young child I hated going there as I knew something was wrong. I was only ever there when my parents were present.

When I found out in later years about the physical and emotional.abuse I wasn’t a bit surprised. And the mother was an alcoholic who was probably a victim as well.

That doesn’t follow. Part of the hypocrisy were the films being made. They would advocate gun control, yet their movies about out of control weapons, crime, gangs etc. They would advocate gun control in public, protected by their armed security and living in gated security.

They spoke against sexual harrassment, yet made movies where that’s all we see, including rape etc.

So they got rich promoting what they claimed to be against. And now we now they weren’t against perversion and violence, in their private lives.

But they were leftist heroes as long as they parroted the leftist party line.

Hollywood is run by the same people today as last year with the same world view. Catching a few perverts doesn’t have much to do with it.