Will January 9th Become a National Day of Remembrance?

I believe there is a good chance it will. Or at least a very important date in new American Mythology.

Along the lines of the year 1619.

It’s more likely to be the thing people will remember about the Trump presidency.

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Connected indeed, but not really the question.

It goes far beyond Trump. It is more about what is to come, but with the 9th as the day it began.

Remembered as what?

What will be the narrative of the remembrance?

I thought it was the 6th? Did I miss something?

The Defeat of Fascism

The Unpersoning of Trump and his supporters

Yes. The events of the 6th are not key. They are the rationalization.

Repressive Tolerance

This is what has, is and will continue to happen.

A form of discriminating tolerance which chooses what should be tolerated. And of course what should not be tolerated.

That is the concept driving what we are seeing happen now.

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Oh. The crowning of the Big Tech Oligarchy.

Indeed the bigger event.

They are just a tool. But watch their HR Departments for the next couple of years.

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I like that.

Don’t like repressive tolerance?

I’m struggling with the proper date.

I know it shouldn’t be 1/6, that was the day fascism won.

1/7 could be, it was the day the fascist were defeated and order restored. Also the day Trump conceded.

1/9 because that was when the unpersoning purge began.

Today is a possibility because of officiality, but it’s not really very ideological. Days of remembrance seem to do better when they are emotional.

What do you guys think? Maybe a poll?

Took him an awful long time to get to his point, which was…

from Repressive Tolerance (full text) - Herbert Marcuse Official Website

Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.

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It’s the Democrat Pearl Harbor.

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