Will Hillary Get The Nomination?

Just curious but do you think that the Democrat field of candidates running for POTUS in the 2020 election is so bad, Hillary will come out and win the nomination? I’m curious as to what our locals here in Hannity Land think so…what say you?

I half expect her to volunteer to come to the rescue if and when Joe is driven out of the race.

I don’t know that the Clintons have enough political power or dirt on key dem’s left to get them to take her up on it.

Nope, never. Its silly to even think Hillary is even in a thought for 2020. Her time ended on Nov 8, 2016.

Thank you for the thoughts. Anybody else? I mean surely she’d beat out Beto or many of the candidates that are currently running? That said, does this not make her a logical choice to keep your eye on?

That’s even less likely to happen as President Pelosi being nominated to run for re-election.

I see forty something views but just a few responses. Have some courage people…speak up? Share your magnificient thoughts with us and then we’ll all watch the future unfold together.

Possibly. Will she run again? Heck yes, she doesn’t know when to stop. Will she be nomimated? No. Because she has too much baggage; the Democrats will not want someone who has been investigated to be the nominee. She won’t get super delegates.

Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts.

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I’ll bet you a year off these boards she doesn’t run.



More desperation as Trump loyalists see polls where virtually EVERY top DNC candidate beats Trump… LOL

Deal. If she doesn’t run, I will take a break from the forums for a year and focus on IRL relationships, studies, and (try to) be a normal 22 year old university student.

2 things.

  1. No, she’s not going to run.
  2. Superdelegates don’t matter in the primary process unless there is a contested nomination. The likelihood of that happening is as slim as hill dawg running again for 2020.

No…because if you lost, so did the rest of us. We may disagree on a lot but that doesn’t mean anyone wants you gone because ot that.

Those polls…ya can’t win with them and ya can’t win w/o them…amirite?

Yet the GOP spends millions a year on polling… Why do you think they do that?

Those would be the same polls that had the same results last time around right up until a few days before the election when most of them still had Hillary winning handily.

She’s the popular bet on betting odd sites assuming Warren keeps gaining and surpassing Biden.

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I just don’t know so really can’t comment except to say “I don’t know” :woman_shrugging:

So can I put you down that you don’t believe Hillary will attempt another run?

Nobody “knows”…not even Hillary. There will have to be an opening for her to slip through it…and a rather large one at that. My bet is, she’ll attempt a run. She wants it that badly.