Will Gov Roy Cooper drag Cunningham and Biden to victory?

incumbent Roy cooper looks a shoo-in for re-election: Can he drag Senatorial candidate Cal Cunningham and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to a win.

I think it’s a clean sweep and turns N.C. and it’s 15 electoral votes back home.




I think Cunningham is doing just fine on his own.

Now Cooper’s popularity will probably effect the Presidential race.

LOL… no. I live here. Trump will win NC easily. Cunningham is a crook who will not be elected. Cooper is a horible governor, but the old school redneck daddy was a democrat crowd will likely keep him in office.

Cooper is sitting at 60% approval rating.

Obviously you are in the minority.

He will win re election easily.


What makes you say this?

Notable that Obama (a black man no less) was able to carry North Carolina over McCain in 2008. Extremely narrowly and by less than a majority, but he pulled it off.

Romney beat Obama in 2012, but barely was able to secure an outright majority.

While Trump beat Clinton by 3 points in 2016, he was NOT able to secure the majority of votes in the State.

As I will continue to reiterate, the suburbs of Charlotte and of the Triangle will decide this election. White, suburban, educated voters are defecting to Biden and will be the tipping point of this election.

BTW, I also now live in North Carolina, (Surry County).

I will guarantee that Trump will carry Surry County. :smile:

when did I say he wouldn’t? Oh yeah… I didn’t. Cooper is a failure, but the old school redneck coalition likes him.

I live here (in liberal mecca Charlotte), I see lots of different people every day. I “feel” the mood. Trump is a shoo in. He’ll probably get 10-12% of the black vote. At that level, Biden cannot win.

LOL… no-one is defecting to Biden. If anything, a small but significant segment of the Black community is defecting to Trump.

Where do you get the 10-12% number?

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So that means a lot of vote splitting.


Doubtful at best.


I don’t need polls to tell me what I see and feel on the ground. Call it a hunch, call it intuition, call it what you like. Trump is not the “hated racist” you all seem to think he is. Yeah, people laugh at is tweets, yeah, people say he should sit down and shut up, but when faced with the choice, they’ll vote for him. There is a significant portion who recognize how much better they were doing before COVID. “Obama ain’t done ■■■■ for me” was something you heard more often than you might think.

LOL, wrong one up front.

Trump/Tillis… split for Cooper. Same as 2016.

That’s an interesting way to do polling.

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it ain’t polling, but likely as accurate given how wrong they are when it comes to Trump.

Tillis don’t run in 2016. Last time he ran was 2014.

Things have changed slightly since then.


Makes little matter, people know Cunnigham is a crook and hypocrate. Particularly when it comes to PPP.

According to RCP, Cunningham is now up by 9.5 points over Tillis, which is good news. Tillis as Senator, has been too afraid to stand up to Trump.

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