Will Democrats Declare A National Emergency to Get Rid of Guns?


The thing is, IF you believe that climate change is real, this is a far more defensible use of the national emergency power than is border control. We are already taking steps to control the border - not even the most rabid Trump supporter can deny that. We apparently have NO official policy to combat climate change, and the potential consequences of doing nothing are far more serious.


Th Appropriations Clause is part of the Constitution as well.

Trump can’t nulify that by declaring a national emergency, either.


The word “gun” is inclusive to the word “arms” just like the word “write” is inclusive to the word “speech.” But then, you knew that, didn’t you.


And interestingly- both the first and second amendment have numerous abridgments.


There is no delegated power for it, so I expect no better from the Liberty (above the waistline) and Constitution hating Left.


Maybe every democrat who supported obamas EO to get DACA should shut up about Trump declaring a national emergency.
The people that supported obama by passing congress and writing his own immigration policy need to sit this one out. The have zero room to talk or even debate this issue. They have lost any integrity they may have due to supporting obama trashing the constitution with his phone and his pen.
And the sad thing is they cheered him on and to this day defend his dangerous executive precedent that laid the ground work for what Trump is doing.


Is it in the constitution…yes or no…
Your irrelevant spin is irrelevant…

Yes or no samm


ANY 1st grader could understand the difference between President Trump DEFENDING our country and some off the wall Liberal lie. A President CANNOT write an Executive Order banning firearms in The United States. Nor can a President declare a National Emergency and have our weapons seized. President Trump is using his legal authority to defend The Citizens and The Constitution of The United States. If you don’t see the difference. You probably believe what CNN and others have been telling you for more than two years and you are already so brainwashed that even brushing your teeth without permission from Pelosi and the others is seen as illegal. (To whomever it applies) Good luck with your future.


The Constitution is very clear - Congress controls the purse. The President can’t spend money that Congress hasn’t appropriated.


Hmmm the courts have so far upheld DACA which involves no reapproproation of monies from other parts of the budget. Let’s see how the courts rule on Trump’s Moby Dick…I mean Wall.


Party before country right.
You will cheer and brag when your side go’s against the constitution and around congress to get what they want. You will cheer the leftist judges you placed on the SC when they trash the constitution. When DACA got to the SC the vote was 4 and 4 when it should have been 8 to 0.
Remember presidents can’t make laws they can only sign and enforce the laws passed by congress.
I could care less what leftist courts say. We all know that they shop around and go to the courts where they know they will get the ruling they want.
What obama did should have been slapped down in a minute and what Trump did should be slapped down.
Me I’m for following the constitution. And I look for DACA to be back in the SC and it will get slap down.


And it will be immediately thrown out by the courts.


It’s already been appropriated.


Guns are arms by any understood definition and most certainly so in this context.



Pelosi’s threat will have a bit of validity as soon as this passes:

“An unregulated flood of illegals, being necessary to power of the Democrat Party, the right of the Mexican, Honduran, Guatemalan and Salvadoran people to ignore our laws and sneak or bull rush across our borders, shall not be infringed.”


All the old crusties getting angry!


And the Court will freeze it.


Abridgements? You mean infringements, don’t you? (And I am curious … in what way do you think has the First has been infringed upon?)

And does that make it okay to infringe more?


That is not a material question. The word “arm” is in the Constitution and a gun is an arm, therefore, the right to bear guns is protected in the Constitution. That is not spin, it’s fact.


A nuclear weapon is an “arm” too but you can’t own one of those.