Will Democrats Declare A National Emergency to Get Rid of Guns?


Far more native born Americans commit violent crimes than illegal immigrants.

Far more illegals get here through legal means.

Emergency Indeed.


Yay!!! More dems coming out as gun grabbers. Love it!


Let them project their intentions. This is wonderful! Please tell us more ways the dems could take our guns.


Democrats aren’t going to declare a national emergency on guns. They’re using the example as a lesson to those who support the President’s actions. Many of whom get really, really fearful when it comes to losing their guns.

And it worked.


Here is your “emergency”.



Well, unlike the border nonsense Trump and his minions are playing make believe about, gun violence is a real national emergency in this country.




It’s one of their wet dreams to grab guns. I’m just waiting for it to happen.


If you would just wait for your check from mexico, you wouldn’t even have to entertain the notion of what clever lawyers can do with this new precedent.


No, a gun ban certainly could not stop murders from happening.

“The Wall” is not going to stop illegal immigration nor is it intended to. I will greatly reduce it along with all of the human and drug trafficking as well as make it much more difficult to move guns and money across the southern border.


Pretty selective.




Everybody remember this moment. A Democratic president will declare a national emergency because of the catastrophic affects of Climate Change and to save our country from long term economic damage.

And people who support Trump and his fake national emergency need to sit that one out. They need to close their mouths. They have zero room to talk or even debate the issue. They have lost any integrity they may have due to supporting a fake national emergency (that our unintelligent president admitted was fake moments after declaring).


"Basically, McConnell is allowing Congress to be extorted by Trump in order to obtain Trumps signature on the bipartisan government funding bills.

A one-year funding reprieve … purchased at the expense of a dangerous Executive precedent. As always with Mitch, it’s party before country."

^ THAT is so friggin perfect.


And building addl barriers won’t stop all drugs from being smuggled across the border.

Your point?



How bout more immigration courts, seems like that’s the real emergency @WildRose according the links I read that you kindly provided.



Nobody but rolltide has claimed the wall is intended stop all illegal immigration and he also claimed that bannng guns would stop murder. You should be taking it up with him, not me.


You should read up on how we can limit guns…


Guess where 90% of the drugs come in? Go on…yes its a trap…


Where is the word gun in the constitution? If we are.gonna play this dumb game of literal words…then it should easy for you to show me…

See the dumb literal game is gonna bite you in the ass…because it doesnt say guns…it says arms…

So lets literally spell this out…

A r m s…

G u n s…

Well the S is the same so you got that…but the rest isn’t…

Now quick tell me how far an African swallow can fly on a tuesday while its raining but no real wind…?


It would not be hard to find thousands of families bankrupted by medical bills…………….