Will Democrats Declare A National Emergency to Get Rid of Guns?


If is such an emergency, then why did Trump wait TWO YEARS, and until he didn’t have BOTH chambers of congress to try and get the money for the wall?


It is interesting that the emergency happened AFTER Trump didn’t get his way wit Congress. And republicans talk about imperial presidencies. Ha!


It’s so obvious what’s going on with this. The degree to which his supporters go to make excuses is unreal.


The Wall is their Moby Dick.


Fact is, Trump is no more credible or informed than some loudmouth at the end of the bar. He waited two years because he knew even his own party knew the expensive wall wasn’t going to change much, but good luck explaining that to a know-it-all like Trump. He decided to wait until he knew Dems would reject it, so he could blame them.


I havn’t looked into all 50-someodd national emergencies that presidents have declared. Now does the law as passed by congress prohibit it?

If it’s for something that the constitution says we have (soviegn borders) I agree completely. Global warming – show where that is in the constitution. Healthcare – show where that is in the constitution. Banning guns – show where that’s allowed in the constitution (hint that one specifically is NOT allowed).


Melville has had our number for a while. We are living The Confidence-Man.


Hmmm ok- so how much money would the president have at his discretion? just 8 billion? Why not 50 bil? 100? 200? Its in his rights no?


Because he thought congress might agree with him. Since that time, he has realized congress is shirking it’s duty.

I’d like to see mandatory E-verfy for employment. IRS comparing income reports to see if the same person is working 2 or more full time/part time jobs around the country. I’d like to see INS doing regular inspections of paperwork at businesses (californa has passed a law that they can’t do that , INS MUST have a court order to get employment paperwork from a business). That are all kinds of things I’d like to see, but congress will never ever do any of them.


Because of how congress passes spending bills. Some are generic for x purpose for the executive branch to figure out how best to achieve that, so more specifics where they allocate y and designate in the law what it will be spent on.


Thats not really giving me an answer. Do you think Trump should have access to unlimited monies to shuffle from other parts of the budget for his policy objective? Or do you believe there are any checks and balances anymore?


So you honestly believe a future DEM president could use a national emergency declaration to repeal the second amendment and ban all guns?

Reapportioning some small amount of funds, isn’t remotely the same as ruling by fiat and the executive branch making law.


Trump isn’t looking for access to unlimited monies. You are making stuff up.


No. A national emergency to create a gun registry will do


What’s stopping him? It’s his power to call an emergency and demand monies. Why stop at 8? What’s your line? 25 billion? 50? 100?


I reply 1 9 7

Read that section of the United States constitution



at least 12 times as many people die from auto accidents per year than die in shootings…

national emergency indeed


1 9 7 @peek-a-boo



And how many people were murdered by illegals last year in the United States.

Many more people died in auto accidents also.



Have the military to register the guns.