Will Conservatives freak out over this?


Imagine if Obama had said this. Conservatives would be screaming about it. I predict only a few conservatives will be upset. Most will be silent. But many will find ways to support Trump’s statement.

The orange pile of ■■■■ is beginning to sound more and more like a damn dictator.

Bad idea. He needs to walk that idea back right now and lock it away.



Why doesn’t the story explain what credentials? It’s not like the govt licenses the media as far as I know. Now, if they mean white house press creds, sure why not. 99% are just a wing of the dems.
All negative all the time, is not news. It’s campaigning for dems.

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So you think politically dissenting reporting shouldn’t be allowed near the government?

It was wrong when Obama did it with Fox News and it’s wrong now.

they wont freak out… some will deflect to Obama or Clinton

They are not reporters they are democrats. They loved Obama, that was not news either. NO ones saying they can’t publish.

trump is such a victim…enabled by the trumpanzees who wallow in victimhood.

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It would be nice to get back to a more fair press. Perhaps Trump can fix that too. And no one has answered the question

yeah you really think Trump is going for free press…lol

Is he charging them with crimes like Obama tried? Remember, you didn’t care.

Oh, you’re in the wrong thread, and 8 years too late. This isn’t about how Fox or Rush treat Obama, sorry to tell you.

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When Obama suggested things like that, the right-wing collectively lost it’s mind.

Obama said fox was not news, and tried to charge one of it’s reporters, and the AP. I’m sure you loved it.

He was generally right about that. They have a couple of hours of straight news sprinkled among mostly opinion programming. CNN and MSNBC are the same.

No, I condemned it along with everyone else. I honestly can’t name a single person on the old forum, when this happened, who was OK with it. Most on the left and right condemned it. Left-wing outlets covered it and condemned it.

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Fox “News” isn’t news, but Obama was wrong to try to silence them. Trump’s goal isn’t a more fair press, it’s to silence Democrats.

We don’t need to invoke the power of government to create a more fair media, we just need more Republicans to become reporters. Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for the state of the media in 2018.

Unlike your tingle up the leg fealty to Trump, I neither voted for Obama nor did I support him much of the time.

I called him out for his dumb statement regarding the Cambridge police and the black professor.

I pretty much disagreed with how far he wanted to go regarding green/environmental issues.

I regularly called him out for meeting with and taking advice from race baiters and hucksters like Al Sharpton.

I was against Obamacare passing as written-there were a lot of changes I thought needed to be made. I even said so publicly on one of our local conservative radio shows the morning after it passed.

I vocally disagreed with his intervention in Libya.

Your harshest criticisms of Trump is “Trump is cool…”

You can’t get hired by CNN or 90% of the media, if they think you are a real republican. And look how hard the left works to silence any conservative leaning news shows.

King snowflake is weaponizing government to attack businesses and conservatives cheer him on…