Will Canada elect their own Trump

The Ontario Provincial election is tomorrow and it comes down to the NDP and the PC.

The PC are running their own Trump style Candidate, who refuses to release a platform or talk about policy at all during the debates.

PC are projected to win.

the current government Liberal are expected to loose all but one seat.

Why is he so popular?

He isnt popular really just that the liberal are so hated

PC have won a majority first time liberals have lost control in 15 years

Wow Canadians…Ford-ja-vous all over again? The first time, shame on them but the second time…

Crap that image did not work as expected.

But yes this reminds me of South Park.

At this point most anything can remind some of South Park.

… or Dilbert.

The problem with satire and comedy is when the world becomes stranger than comedy, and Trudeau has been proverbially asking others to hold his beer as he takes up the challenge again and again.

Bamn……Toronto has done it now.

All over the world, the little people are taking back their ciities, states and countries from the global elites who want to pander their liberal agenda. Chik-a-boom, chik-a-boom…dontcha just luv it?

Sounds familiar.

I thought he died. Or was that a different Ford?

Its drug dealer brother

To be fair they could have picked a legit broom and still won the liberals lost all their seats

Ahhh. Thanks!