Will an Antifa murderer ever face charges?

Surely there’s at least three separate videos clearly showing this leftist puke defending himself against a mob of Trump supporters.

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They’re in the early stages of the investigation.

Shouldn’t we have to wait and see like we are waiting and seeing with Rittenhouse?

The shooter should face a trial unless there is clear evidence of self defense. He is innocent until proven guilty.

In contrast, police who have used force in arrests have already been tried and convicted by many Democrats and the media.


“New York Times reporter Mike Baker reports the pro-Trump group used pepper spray and paintballs on counter-protesters downtown. It’s unknown if any injuries have been reported”

Sounds like they didn’t go there looking for trouble now does it…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Whats the popular con line now?..Oh yea…Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

God forbid police officers be held to a high standard…I know.

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Where are the assault charges against Gaige Grosskreutz?

Grosskreutz had a gun in his hand when he ran up to Rittenhouse, so in self defense, the 17-year-old discharged his weapon, blew off part of Grosskreutz’s arm, saving his own life.

There seems to be selective prosecution. Antifa/BLM crimes are ignored by sympathetic prosecutors.

I suspect the same will happen in Portland. The only way the shooter will face a trial may be in federal court.

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Thats after Rittenhouse already fired his weapon…Grosskreutz was protecting himself and others.

Was he legally carrying the gun?

Was Rittenhouse?

No, Gaige Grosskreutz. There are reports that he has a criminal record and is a convicted felon.

Crickets from prosecutors or the media on that question.

And I was asking if Rittenhouse was legally carrying a gun…

Illegal carry is one of the charges against Rittenhouse.

Where are the charges against Gaige Grosskreutz for possible assault with a deadly weapon and illegally carrying the gun?

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Has the case been closed yet?

Portland has seen violence for months, and local Democrats have done their best to protect Antifa rioters. That is happening around the country including Kenosha.

Clearly violent gangs are running large sections ofcities with the approval of local Democrats. Does that amount to conspiracy to violate civil rights in violation of federal law?

If Blue Lives protestors are attacked with the tacit approval of local authorities, are the local authorities violating the constitutional rights of Blue Lives protestors?

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According to Antifa, anyone that opposes them is a “fascist”.



Portland has seen a block’s worth of protests, police overreaction and now, militias.

Want to wager who’s done most of the violence, or do you want to remain in the Trump Fealty Doom Bubble?

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It was reported that the man who was shot was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat. Here is the wiki page on the group.

I dunno how vociferously I’d defend Patriot Prayer. They are not great to say the least. And they’re as enthusiastic a participant in the Portland thing as anyone and have been for four years.

Now consider the headline in your second article. They portray one side in a negative light and the other in a positive one. If there ever is a civil war, it was the media that motivated it…especially the NYT…PERIOD!

One Person Dead in Portland After Clashes Between Trump Supporters and Protesters

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Maybe it’s to protest their disdain for the lawlessness that’s tearing apart a city and our country…that’s being fed at the sheople troughs as “protestors”?

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