Will an Antifa murderer ever face charges?

A Blue-Lives supporter was shot and killed last night in Portland:


Videos show an Antifa/BLM supporter as a likely suspect in the apparent homicide.

Will the shooter ever face charges? Or will local prosecutors ignore the homicide?

Videos online show Antifa mobs celebrating the death.
See https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo (warning R-rated language)

Portland’s Democrat mayor and state governor continue to reject use of the national guard to end the violence that has gone on for months.

Are they waiting for armed combat to erupt before they do anything?

Will Biden finally denounce Antifa? Or is the violence part of his campaign to become president?

The word on the street is that the man that was killed was a Trump supporter.

This really is Civil War II isn’t it?

I wish i didnt see the live stream and the leftists in portland were celebrating the death calling him a Nazi.
Which i doubt that.

For all we know he could have being a Trump democrat supporter.

No. It is not Civil War II.

But there are some people thirsty for it.


Im curious…Why would a caravan of Trump supporters go to a BLM rally to confront the protesters?

to express their support for trump

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Amazing how we see immediate calls for justice but we have to “wait and see” with Kyle Rittenhouse.

It is utterly amazing how the differential reaction crops up again…and again…and again.


If he’s caught I’m sure he will…Have other “Antifa” shooters been apprehended and not been charged? And what circumstances make you think otherwise?

What does Trump have to do with the protests?..The protesters are there protesting cops…its not an anti Trump rally.

No big (D)eal, it’s OK when libs murder Trump supporters because they might be a nazi or something.

This should even the score over the loss of their pedophile and woman beater.


Clearly *bama/biden/harris fault.

And blm of course. Just yesterday at the “peaceful” blm rally someone said this:

And that was after the family of jacob blake called for peace.


They don’t matter. There’s free stuff to steal.



you never know when a trump supporter appears.

are they not permitted to drive through town now?

lol. love it. leftist anarchist destroy town, but when a trump truck rolls though, that has to be questioned

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It’s their very own Sharia zone. lol


First Amendment.


Is there any evidence that the Portland shooting was in self defense?

If so please post.

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evidently so!

3…2…1 till nincompoop media refer to trump trucks as “violent”

We have the same evidence this guy is Antifa that we have that the shooter in Kenosha was a militia affiliated Trump supporter:

People are saying…

Spot on.

Kyle is innocent until proven guilty, was defending himself, etc. is a hero. Savior. Patriot.

The shooter here is guilty! don’t need to see if there was evidence of self defense, he’s a murderer! Disgusting lib who hates America.

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