Will almighty Jesus/Yahweh say that he saved us all, or just some?


Paul was busy traveling in order to persecute Christians. Are you saying I should follow in his shoes?

If He shows himself, I’d imagine I would def work for His glory.


Paul traveled further after the Damascus incident. He was whipped three times, stoned once, and spent time in prison. Are you up for all of that?


Do you believe in a literal hell if you dont believe jesus


Sometimes we miss when Jesus shows himself to us. Sometimes we choose to miss it. (“Oh, that was just a coincidence…”)

Sometimes we are called to be the face of Jesus to someone else.

Sometimes I wish I could get the brick-in-the-head that Paul got.

Sometimes we don’t get to choose which half of JN 20:29 we fall into.


And sometimes we are so busy waiting for God to show Himself, we forget we are taught to seek Him.


God plays games


Did that all happen to you after He revealed Himself to you?


Sometimes people attribute God when it is solely coincidence. Sometimes people see eveidence of God in a piece of toast. Sometimes people see evidence of God when their child is cured of cancer (while in the next bed a child dies of cancer).

God knows what would convince each and every one of us. He chooses whether to provide that evidence or not. It’s His choice.


Not as extensively as what happened to Saint Paul and Saint Thomas, no. But otherwise, yes. I found myself standing up and speaking, which was something I swore I would never do. And, no, no one ever came after me with actual whips and stones or threw me into a real jail. On the other hand, they quit doing that to people speaking out quite some time ago, so it was no real feat to avoid.

Life does take a change, but on the other hand, God uses what you have to bring. One suddenly doesn’t have talents never had before. For example, I could not sing before, after, or now. What is nice, is that when I must lead singing, the children and seniors don’t mind my voice at all. We’re singing! And that brings joy.


God talked to me. You guys are talking to the wrong god.


So nothing remotely approching Paul’s experience. So why did you think I should endure it?

Why can’t God reveal Himself to me unequivocally, like he did for Paul and you?


You’re just like not smart enough or spiritual enough to see God


Because you don’t want Him to. Not really.


And you know this how…? Sounds kind of judgemental.

Regardless, I am a former believer. I have sought God quite strenuously. I would be overjoyed to have evidence of God. Would love to believe in an almighty.


You’re just not smart or good enough for God. It’s all your fault. You arent making any effort. Not like me. I can talk to God whenever I want. I am in touch with God.


It is judgemental. You gave up. You set your own terms for God. And, by looking for evidence you were setting yourself up for failure from the beginning.

However, I am not judging you, only your methodology as I have been able to perceive it over the Internet. Ever wonder why you spend time talking about your lack of belief, of how you gave it all up?


Yet God granted that evidence to Paul. Like Paul, I will disbelieve until given evidence similar to what he received.

Ever wonder why you spend time talking about your beliefs on the Internet. We both are spreading truth as we see it.


No, Paul already believed. Jesus even identified himself ad the one Paul was persecuting. What he didn’t believe at the time was Jesus was the Messiah. Kind of hard to deny s voice from heaven. The other difference was that Jews had been walking by sight ( and many didn’t believe even after seeing) N.T. Christians are to walk by faith. Jesus reveals himself by his interaction with our lives.


Jesus spoke more of hell than Heaven, not sure what your asking here…


Jesus revealed himself to Paul forcing Paul to accept him as son of God.

If God wants me to believe He would be able to do any number of things. He did it for Paul and innumerable other people. It’s like He doesn’t care.