Will almighty Jesus/Yahweh say that he saved us all, or just some?


Here is what I don’t understand: How can you think that I would be disrespectful to Alex? It amazes me how everyone just loves to jump to the worst conclusion!

Yesterday morning I was groggy. I came downstairs and read Alex’ comment about God being an intellectual exercise. And, I thought, “No! He’s going about it from the wrong direction! He needs hands on!”

And I immediately reminded myself of the different points one can enter a circle. For example, Jews have told me that love of Law leads to love of God–and it does. Christians take it the opposite direction–Love of God leads to love of His Law.

And something came to mind I hadn’t thought of for a long time–my dad’s college books. I hadn’t understood them any better than Alex understands the Bible. However, love of those books–even though I did not understand them in the least–led to an appreciation and use of that material AT THE PROPER TIME. Alex will be–and is–just fine.

Why is everyone so sure everyone is always trying to be insulting? I did not grow up in such a culture, I don’t think that way, and today’s culture, today’s attitude toward a President disturbs me and leaves me aghast. And no wonder. It’s leaven that is spreading throughout the country. Beware of the Pharisees, indeed! And yes, I am angry. Not with you so much, and certainly not with Alex. I have known from the day I joined Alex, print, no facial expressions, not truly knowing each other, misunderstandings occur. It’s just the attitude in this country in general. I’ve been seriously thinking of turning off both the news and Hannity for Lent this year and see where it leads.

Wishing you well…


Ya you guys and your snowflake culture pointing out condencending remarks. :sunglasses:


God probably isnt an intellectual exercise. Because, i’ve found when you put your intellect into practice (hands on with your brain) it makes no sense.


Hold on, I gotta find my safe space. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So how do some intellects come to the opposite conclusion?


Because they arent children reading college math.

Ok I was being sarcastic - you can be intellectual and still believe in God. The notion though that being intellectual about God is some childlike “wrong path” warrants such sarcasm imo


Dont forget too about today’s attitude to poor Trump. Thats like relevant


The Jesuits come to mind. They tend to think pretty heavy on matters of the Bible. I feel like a babbling kindergartner when I read some of their works.

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An excellent question to which I have no answer. Its not like God told me why you haven’t received a direct revelation so I can do is to point to verses that address how greater your blessing is if you don’t receive such a visitation.

Personal experience has taught me such quoting only comes across as hollow platitudes. Of course that could have been the place I was at during this last year.

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Objective findings are never false.

That’s why they’re objective findings.

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I appreciate your honesty here. I really do.

An all-knowing God would know what would convince me. The fact that He has not tells me that either God doesn’t want me to recognize his existence, God doesn’t care that I recognize his existence or he doesn’t exist.

The first two options run counter to an all-loving God that wants to save as many people from perdition as possible.


Or he has a greater plan :sunglasses:

You ever wonder if you are actually the God you seek, you’re just too attached to your human existence or afraid to wield? I guess that sounds manic / borderline.

Everyone wants to know God - until the blood starts flowing.

I imagine “knowing God” would be so powerful that to do so you must completely give up all existence you know or can fathom. This is why I don’t like religion or claims of experience of God. No one has ever come even slightly close, except those who have died, or have simulated death mental processes via psychedelics like DMT or LSD. Its only when you have lost everything, when it is possible to know everything.

And even then, you aint gonna be able to write it down.


The insecure mods and mind control police have let me back in.

Any questions?



God Bless you.


Which verse says that all are saved?