Will almighty Jesus/Yahweh say that he saved us all, or just some?


What exactly are you trying to accomplish, Bishop? Religious folk barely post here as it is. Are you deliberately trying to kill the forum by being as rude as you possibly can to the few people who still post?


Explain about your God again, please. How is He different?


So you agreed to do the immoral thing and abdicate your responsibility and allow an innocent man to suffer for your sins.

Is that the kind of foul morality you teach your children?

Is that what your parents taught you?









I noticed that after being gone a while.

If you wish to blame me for poor Christian apologetics, go ahead. Truth is that the religious hierarchies have been complaining about their poor apologists for about 10 years now.

Your guys are likely finding safe dull places where people go just for comfort and security in their delusions and where their Satanic morals are accepted by others with the same corrupted moral sense.

I think it better to post here so that the religious cannot hide from their genocidal God or the corruption that their homophobic and misogynous teaching brings to innocent victims.

If you want such a dull and safe place where you do not have to face the truth, find a more fundy place. There are many.



Given your God’s power, he would cure instead of kill, just as Jesus said he came to do.

My God is also not the God of a homophobic and misogynous religion.

Ask any woman or gay which set of morals seem better to them. You likely have both in your family tree.



The truth is that there is no God, Gnostic or otherwise.


Correct. So why discuss something that isn’t?


It’s an interesting intellectual exercise.


Because its interesting to think about. There’s no real tony soprano either. Do you like to discuss TV series?


Reminds me of being in primary school, looking through my dad’s college textbooks, pretending I was a scholar. Math books were particularly fun, copying down a problem, adding a few more numbers, and pretending I’d solved the thing. Great intellectual exercise, though. It would be years before I realized how useful math, when properly understood and applied, can be in everyday life. Much better than that intellectual exercise. :wink:



Did you just diss me?


:blush: No! Did it come off that way? I meant to suggest you were on your way, and that soon you would be applying religious intellect to everyday life. I had so much fun with my dad’s college books.

Seriously though, seeking and applying is a lot more fun. I just had to remind myself that sometimes it works quite well the opposite way as well. And I remembered my dad’s old college books. You don’t seem to understand the very well–but then I didn’t understand those text books at all and everything turned out just fine.


Add me to the list of people who don’t understand. The first comment was a dis and the clarification that it wasn’t was just as dismissive and condescending. I could be wrong. How is telling someone their intellectual exercise is the equivalent to a child pretending to be wise not putting someone down?


I think she would be content that the scripture doesn’t contain an anachronism from the mid 15th century.

I personally see a deeper meaning to the use of the word indicating a death to the current state of being is required in order for growth and the eventual bearing of fruit. Once this death occurs, one cannot return to their previous state, but either wither and die, stagnate, or grow to bear fruit.


Ya when you compare someone to a child playing pretend… Its like me saying Christians are like children believing in Santa Clause.


Ya I dont understand it. Then the response was essentially “shut up and do/apply”. As if @AlexMcAlpine hasnt been seeking, asking questions, reading the bible, and isnt adult enough to take responsibility for the actions in his life. Atheists can be arrogant, but so can Christians.


Once again you declare something with absolute certainty when such certainty is absolutely unwarranted.