Will a Green Energy economy be much more streamlined economically - job wise - than an oil and gas economy?

First let me be clear that the purpose of this thread is NOT to debate whether we should or shouldn’t move to a Green Energy economy. Rather how this move impacts jobs. So please stay on topic.

My initial thought is that a green energy economy will not require the same workforce as that as one based on oil & gas. Compare a battery vs. a combustion engine. A lot less parts and no mechanic needed. There’s clearly more l need to think about but I wanted to get a conversation started. Look forward to your thoughts.

Also as part of this discussion is the following question. How feasible will it be to take people out of the oil and gas economy and plop them in to green energy jobs?

I think this might be a slow moving topic, but it has a lot of potential. Kinda busy at the moment but look forward to seeing where it goes in the coming days.

I’m thinking about this too…not ready to answer this yet…still thinking…if we can keep the politics out of it it has the potential to be a good discussion.

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As complicated as vehicles are and will be, the need for mechanics/technicians will still be there.

Another thing I was thinking about is that even though much of what is considered green energy is not all renewable. For example, even though electric cars are not emitting carbon their batteries as I understand it are based upon certain rare earth metals and hence are a finite (non-renewable) resource.

Yes, we will have to recycle them until we learn how to use hydrogen cheaply.

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In this aspect I was referring to just the engine component. Much of the maintenance on gas and diesel powered cars is related to the engine. That will not be the case with electric cars. But clearly there will be other types of maintenance that will require a mechanic.

There’s a finite end to the oil and gas economy. The question is when.

It’ll certainly create a lot of jobs in China.

What does this have to do with anything.

Read the OP and OP title and see if you can divine it on your own.

Exactly. The jobs are not in oil an gas.

It helps to understand what you read, apparently you didn’t.

Oh, you’re cute. But off target.

A green economy is the future. The sky is the limit in innovation.

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Yep. Fossil fuels are just that. Fossils.

Well, one of us certainly is. Check your mirror.

Fossil fuels are just that. Fossils. So are fossil fuel jobs.

That’s not what the thread is about though.