Why you should not evecuate for a hurricane

Why bother? If it were me, I would find out where the media nit wits are riding the storm out. Nothing ever happened to these clowns. Save yourself the hassle of evacuation and go hand out with the reporters for a few hours.

There are always candidates for the Darwin awards.


Go for it.

Yes, but these guys always insist that everyone leave except for them. Hanging out with them, seems to be the answer.

Because there are certainly not limited hurricane rated structures at or above surge levels, where some services, officials, and yes, reporters stay.

Fight on candidates! You can win!

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I will! I mean think about it. What could possibly be safer than hanging out with the CNN crew during a hurricane? Their survival rate is 100 percent.

As Ron White once said about this very subject…

“It’s not THAT the wind is a blowing, it’s WHAT the wind is a blowing”

I believe that Governor of Florida said it’s too late to “evecuate” [sic] now anyways.

Marco Rubio: “There is going to be a killer – a killer storm surge in this event. Nine, ten, eleven feet. No one is going to survive that. Low-lying areas, the Gulf of Mexico is kind of like a basin of water all being pushed up on people and if you’re still there when that comes in, you’re going to die.”

Tell that to the CNN crew. They are not evacuating. And they will be fine.

Tell Marco Rubio to tell that to the CNN crew.

I already did. And Marco says it’s a secret. He’s not allowed talk.

Screw them, if they didn’t evacuate because of “reasons”, I could care less what happens to them.

You really need to re-evaluate what you believe normal to mean.

You really need to re-evaluate when your advice is wanted or needed. :sunglasses:

It’s a take it or leave it suggestion. You choose to leave it. It’s all good champ :slight_smile:

I choose wisely. It’s all good Sport. :wink:

I would not call them jokes, but stupid works.

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I would not call you witty. But rude works. :grin:

Probably because they have professional meteorologists, teams, clear plans for events like this, and have covered hurricanes for decades and know what to do.