Why would Satan incite the people?

God is outside of time. To him, past, present and future are the same. Scripture says that Christians are already seated in Heaven. We on the earth, are limited to a linear progression of time. We reference time by our physical mortal lives, so living Christians haven’t yet experienced our heavenly existence. Even when we get there, I don’t know we’ll be able to understand God, who has no beginning or end, because while we will have no end, we did have a beginning…

Would you like to be a slave or robot?

We are sons and daughters when in heaven.

God is good. Would you know what is good without the presence of evil?

Man is a mixture of good and evil. The devil is a fictional creature. I can think of a thousand things evil men have done, but I can’t think of one thing this so-called devil has done that would warrant a death sentence.


Do we have free will in heaven?

I believe so. We can’t truly love without free will.

In other words you can’t have an opinion on god because he is so far superior to mere mortals.

So can people sin in heaven?

People could. Whether they will deliberately choose to do so, knowing God as Father, Brother and Life, is moot, but IMHO unlikely.

However, the sacrifice of Christ is a perpetually efficacious, it will not cease to have effect after the resurrection. It will continue to provide forgiveness to repentant human sinners forever. So, inadvertent sin in heaven would have a remedy.

What is doubtful about it?

No. Our nature is changed and unlike Adam and Eve, we will have hindsight to see where disobedience to God leads.


I’m not 100% sure what the meaning of “slave” or “robot” entails.

If you sin in heaven can you be sent to hell?

What (which) sin(s)?

A mortal one.

How can one commit a mortal sin in heaven? Remember, we then exist as spirit, not as mortal.

What would you call the citizens of North Korea in regards to their relationship with their “beloved leader?”

If man can create Santa, Zeus and Apollo.
Why cant God create Satan