Why Won’t Some Men Practice Birth Control?

This ISN’T exclusive to black men. This show focuses on crimes against black men and women who unfortunately were victimized by a bad choice of partner.

The doofus at the end of this one asked two women THREE TIMES to abort and hated being a father. These two were educated and professionally successful people, yet condoms and vasectomies—or asking potential partners their values about having children—is rocket science?!

Had a trainee once who worked at Planned Parenthood and lost track of the number of repeat customers for abortions. Why won’t men purchase a 3 pack or grab a handful at low cost HIV testing sites?!

How do they not realize it takes two to make a baby & keep making the same mistake when they’re otherwise learned people? :exploding_head:

You have some men on this forum who think it is acceptable for them to play the field and women are at fault for giving in. Men are just being men and women need to practice self-control.

If a male birth control pill existed, I would take it.

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who’s at fault in these situations?

are women the victim, for being with these guys?

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choke on spit laughing

It is adorable that you think this is a meaningful statement.

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What’s your take on why this is? We’re not just talking about “unintended pregnancies”, but a gift called STDs that may not be short term visitors.

I practice birth control. My wife is spayed. :rofl:

Personal responsibility, on the part of both people engaging in the consensual act. And a discerning process for selecting the one you are intimate with.

Some people are selfish, other reckless, and some just don’t care. Why aren’t people perfect?


If an acquaintance of mine who was neither poor nor wealthy, high school educated and may have had mental health issues could break up with women who wanted children when he didn’t, more educated and professionally accomplished without mental health issues should be able to have such discussions.

not as adorable as stratospheric level virtue signaling


What exactly do you think I’m trying to “signal?” I’m a married man.

i was going to ask you the same thing

Lighten up. Sometimes ■■■■ is just funny.

I apologize, I guess I just don’t get the joke.

No victim, but both bear responsibility for their actions.

Pointing fingers at either men or women is useless.

We live in a “gonna-do-it-anyway” culture that foments irresponsibility on both sides. The foundation (“gonna-do-it-anyway”) is irresponsible in and of itself from the start. It all falls apart from there.

Can’t you just identify as a woman and then take the birth control pill that works for a woman?

(PS… don’t try the " ‘male’ doesn’t mean ‘man’ " sleight of hand now. @fallenturtle has already spoken for you progs and declared that you can use the words interchangeably. )

That’s a pretty bold accusation. Care to name names?