Why were vials labeled small pox found in a Merk lab?

Now they say they didn’t actually contain small pox. Who knows if that is true but even if it is, it doesn’t explain the label. Oh and to make it even more interesting.

Sweet dreams.

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Nervous yet? No?

Note the date.

How about now?

Everything is fine.

something will go down

they know the “ballot box” is not going to be kind, even with all their rigging. they wont just let that happen

mark my words


“Bill Gates has warned that governments must prepare for future pandemics and smallpox terror attacks by investing billions in research and development.”

Sounds like a high tech protection racket.


Have the bottles been tested to confirm smallpox was contained in them and not just a label? If so, the individual I’d start with is the CEO of Merk. If this happened…he/she was aware IMHO and I’d immediately hook him/her to a polygraph and begin asking the questions necessary to unravel this potential world disaster.

They claim there was no trace of small pox, only small pox vaccine. I don’t believe them. Some were labeled small pox, some were labeled vaccinia.

“They” should have been removed from the equation from the start and who ever discovered these viles in the first place and exposed them to the world, should have continued leading this investigation to find the truth. Self examination is a far cry from being successful when attempting to find the truth.

I no longer believe a word the government says, or most of the press for that matter.


Ditto. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

The lines are clear, three way collusion between the Government, Intel and the media. All laid bare again with the O’Keefe thing. In case Russia gate didn’t convince anyone.

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Just remember, the globalist crazies are not above biological warfare against America…They will attempt anything.

That means ANYTHING!

The Bat Lady (Shi Zhengli) and Faucci are looking for more world crisis.