Why we need to be worried about America's "best and brightest"

In April of this year, I witnessed something on the Stanford campus that will be seared into my memory forever: a student on a bicycle, wearing flip-flops, AirPods in ear, going the wrong way through a roundabout in an active construction zone, with no helmet. But like any good follower of science, the student was wearing a disposable blue face mask – for safety, I guess.

. . . Stanford students are about twice as likely to wear a mask on a bicycle as a helmet.

Stanford is one the premier universities in the US. The university includes extensive programs in science, economics, and engineering where decisions need to be based on evidence and rational analysis. This a place is where the “best and brightest” are supposed learn how to lead the country. Instead the students seem to be illustrating “stupid is as stupid does”.

Is Stanford producing a new generation of leaders who are clueless about relative risks?

Can we look forward to more conformist fascism instead of policies based on actual analysis and reason?


I agree.

People should wear bike helmets when riding a bike.


Wearing a mask on a bike makes zero sense. It is not protecting anyone and it makes breathing more difficult, which could increase risks of injury from breathing problems or passing out while riding.

The only benefit is to reduce the risk of attack and harassment from Antifa.

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Some of the dumbest people you’ll ever meet will hold that piece of paper up like they had to go through an actual life to get it. lol


Yes, intelligence does not guarantee common sense.

There are a lot of foolish people with PhDs.


With whom is the mask rider coming into contact while on a bicycle? Constantly in motion?

That’s some strange science right there.

This thread reminds me of a years old broadcast by CNN’s Jack Cafferty on critical skills lacked by modern college skills—such necessities as when to pump gas into their vehicles and comparison price shopping.

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Wearing of the Mask is an act of faith and obeisance to the system, not an act of conforming to medical principles…at least as far as those flimsy little paper masks are concerned, in places where people are mostly separated by over three feet.

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Universities are not the home of the best and brightest anymore.


Yep… I don’t wear a mask while riding my bike.

I do wear a bike helmet though.

People should wear bike helmets while riding their bike.

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Lasuen Mall, where he did his study, is part of Stanford’s central pedestrian zone, where there is no motorized vehicle traffic allowed other than authorized golf carts. That would greatly reduce the risk of being killed while riding a bike in that area.

A helmet is going to save you if you’re hit by a car?

While waiting in the room with the neat chairs that weigh you while you sit for my new primary care doc, I took my mask off to fix my beard and didn’t have it back on by the time he entered the room. As soon as I went to put it on, Doc chimed in with, “Ah, I don’t care about that thing, leave it off! How are you feeling today?” and shook my hand. He didn’t put sanitizer on afterwards.

I’m glad I met him. Awesome guy, has the bone structure of a freaking gorilla. He also has his chiropractic office right next to the one we met in. Can’t wait to see his claims come true of being able to help me regain some feeling in my feet. I’ll tip my hat if he does. lol

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It might save your brain from external trauma.

Most interactions with cars while riding a bike are not high speed… given the nature of how urban road systems work. A bike helmet will reduce the risk of head trauma if knocked to the ground or into the vehicle.


Yes, I agree that bike helmets make sense. That is especially true if riding in traffic.

The link in the OP notes only a small fraction of the students bother with helmets:

. . . a masking rate of 41% and helmet-wearing rate of 17%.

Your chances of not dying are better if you’re wearing a helmet.

Yeah… they are being dumb.

I see dumb cyclists all the time.

It annoys me.

Past that… why do we care?

From a fall and striking against the ground, right?

Sure. Which could be a result of being hit by a car.