Why was the "Trump golfs while hurricane approaches" thread deleted?

It disappeared. why?

Way it was presented was a troll thread

How did you figure that?

Less than 10 words, on a twitter re-post that wasn’t even a new source.

This isn’t twitter we don’t retweet stuff here.

It’s a discussion board. Find something with substance, post it, talk about it.

I did, I linked an article and a tweet and made a comment about how Trump doesn’t even pretend to care anymore. The President golfing while a hurricane approaches IS the substance. How many words are required?

The only thing I saw was the tweet

Since when? I see tweets being used to start threads all the time. I did not know there was a minimum. Not that I would have a problem…ive been told I am too wordy.

case by case basis.

Whay ti was presented was trolling.

Can we get an official definition of trolling?

“Case by case basis” is just too subjective, and leaves posters never knowing what is actually trolling/against the rules and what isn’t.

This has been a problem for a longtime.

Objective set of rules that is enforced objectively and consistently. That’s all that is needed. Not based in interpretation or case by case.


Well said. Posts get deleted but if we don’t know the reason why, then how can behavior of the forum ever evolve and change?

It would be like my employer putting me on corrective again without telling me the reason why or refer me to the employee handbook and tell me to figure it out for myself.


Except in this case there is no handbook really because what is in the handbook wasn’t used to make the decision.

From the “rules” post on this very board:

Hence “case by case” because it’s hard to cite a specific rule violation when there is no actual rule in place to be violated. That being said, this is a private board and if our esteemed host wants to give his moderators the ability to carte blanche “sanction” anyone and everyone on his board with or without provocation, that’s his prerogative. We all choose to continue to frequent these boards despite knowing this stuff.

On the old forum when we deleted posts we gave a reason and it stayed on the board. That old software was no longer being supported (no updates, no tech support). The replacement software the people who write the code didn’t allow for that option. It’s impossible to send each person who has a post/thread deleted a PM to explain why.

Are you having to delete that many posts a day that its not feasible to do so? This is a genuine question. If you are deleting dozens of posts each day could it be your moderation has become too severe?

If you cannot alert the poster why not create a thread in the community section providing some general trends you are seeing? That would be helpful.

And thread lock in 3…2…

Sure there’s something in that rule that can help make a call…the definition of what a troll is…someone who never intends to make a contribution.

The poster who created the deleted thread is a long time poster who has made many contributions and has not been known to engage in troll-like behavior.

Such posters, in my opinion, ought to be given the benefit of the doubt. At most, maybe a PM is sent by the mod to the poster asking for clarification if there’s a true concern.

I believe modding can be just as effective if the mod assumes good intent as a first call…unless it’s obvious.

Again…my two cents.


I agree Jay. Clearly this “rule” wasn’t used in making a determination for that very reason. Hence, “case by case” being cited instead. And again, if our esteemed host wants his moderators to run his board that way, that’s his prerogative. I don’t really see what we as posters can do about it, other than not participating on the boards.

Well let me give you a for example.

I just deleted an Opening Post of a thread for vulger language. That poster got a note from me on why it was deleted and a warning not to do it again (first warning).

I didn’t send a note to any of the others who had posted in the thread. Should I have sent each of them a pm saying why there posts were removed?

And yes it is dozens of posts a day that get removed from flags, or just finding violations as we read through the boards. It’s NOT over moderation. Even when we cut back hoping the users would be grown ups about things there were still dozens a day that were deleted.

And remember. We don’t get paid for this. We have full time jobs away from here, family life etc.

Nonstop and nearly identical complaints from all sides is the norm for this volunteer ‘job’. We could send notes and reminders for every mod action and some folks would bitch about it.

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Thanks for the responses. What you say makes sense.

I have moderated a forum before and your rights its a thankless task and we appreciate you have real jobs and lives but its a job you volunteered for.

Moderation plays a huge part into why a message board thrives or withers and dies. This is just my opinion but it seems over the past year or so every suggestion made by posters as to how improve the site are just ignored.

Those of us who post regularly have a vested interest in this board being successful which is why we make suggestions to improve the board because we are passionate about that success.

Without posts being made you will have nothing to moderate so its in everyones interest to come together and make this board a much better home for debate and discussion.

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Some request have been implimented. Some have not. Some requests have been looked into and are not possible with the software.