Why was my post removed?

I was posting to Cratic in the Legalizing all Drugs thread, and a post was flagged and removed. It read “And Cratic, you keep avoiding who is in these threads arguing to keep weed illegal. Why is that?” (or a version of that). I’m not sure why it was removed, because Cratic kept saying it’s progressives that want drug made illegal, and I was pointing out that is’s conservatives in these threads that want to keep them illegal.

I can’t ask someone why they are ignoring my questions??

It was flagged and subsequently removed for trolling/adding nothing to the discussion.

By trying to get an answer? I’d understand if I had just put up a snarky post to someone saying “Cratic won’t answer questions”, but it was a direct question to Cratic. A moderator thought it was trolling and removed it, or the system removed it? I really don’t understand some of the actions here.


I don’t know why they are over policing either… And they should not remove posts automatically because people flag it… That’s making us like facebook…


I’ts making all of us that have it happen feel unwelcome - the very thing we aren’t supposed to do, lol. Thanks Cratic.




“You agree that as a member of this board you do not have the right to not be offended”

Appears to often be be:

“You agree that as a member of this board you do not have the right to not be offended, but if you do become offended, just flag the post and it will be removed”.


Looks like we have a bipartisan agreement here.


Too funny…

What’s too funny?

Certain people feel only they are allowed to be victims.


And if that’s not a trolling post I don’t know what is.

And they wonder why they get special attention…

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Imagine a world in which you get told how to have a conversation, in which you are never asked what you meant, just corrected.

Welcome to the Twilight Hour. :wink:


That’s kind of how it feels.