Why trust Brix and Faucci?

What experience has Trump had with almost every upper echelon, career bureaucrat? So far, almost every single one was appointed by Clinton, Bush or Obama, all of which were globalists. They have all done everything in their power to stop everything Trump tries to do. Why does anyone assume these two career swamp-ucrats are any different?

These two “experts” are lauded for their work with Aids, H1N1 and every other medical threat we have faced in the last 30 years. All of these efforts were disastrous. Everything these people have built of the last 30 years was proven to be utterly inadequate and Trump has had to start throwing and rebuilding everything back in January.

Everything Trump has said that was incorrect was said first by one of these “experts.” I believe Trump needs to find experts from outside of the swamp that are not die hard Democrats that will happily let people die for political gain.

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