Why Trump is going to win in 2020

Getting Mexico to put 27000 troops on the border has helped tremendously. He has many ideas

He’s toast, I say he gets impeached or resigns. Everyday it gets worse and frankly he’s a national embarrassment. Everyday people are starting to grow a spine. Honestly he cant really trust anyone anymore. Next week should be interesting when his former head aid towards russia and Ukraine testifies to congress. Second reason is Giuliani is bat ■■■■ crazy and gonna sink the whole ship.

It is a little strange how many see the braying mob at his rallies as representative of a majority of Americans, esp. since Fox recently showed a poll where 51% want Donald impeached.

Then again, Fox is Deep State now.

It’s anyone’s guess at this point, at one time it felt 100% that Biden would be the Democrat he would face, but now it’s starting to feel like it’s Warren.

A week ago Trump supporters were arguing about transcripts, today two of Giuliani’s helpers in Ukraine were locked up and indicted… If anyone thinks there is nothing more coming, they are as delusional as Nixon supporters were before he resigned…

Heard it before. Same song different verse as in 2016.

This story is already full of holes.

It’s funny hes in trouble and he has a rally

That post is all sorts of projection and bizarre, no one speaks or acts like he does.

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Is he insinuating other candidates are Russian agents?

He was acting like a zany comedian, as usual. A clown, a goofball, an actor.

The marks slurped it up.

As usual.

Campaigner in chief.

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Trump has done nothing to build his base.
35 - 40% of the voting public will not do it.
He is a political idiot.
In multiple states that he took, he is underwater in those districts that he won to get the EC.
He is driving out the minority vote big time in 2020.
He is going down bigly.

LOL. Hang on to your hope as long as it gets you through the day.

I think it will depend on who he runs against. Regardless of what the polls say I think a Biden/Trump matchup will be extremely close just like 2016, because we have seen that type of candidate face Trump.

Now if it’s a Warren or Sanders I haven’t a clue on how that will go as it hasn’t been tested. Whether they are right or wrong there were quiet a few people who thought Sanders would have beat Trump in 2016, so that type of matchup would be more of a wildcard.

Things are crook when supporters of Trump have to say Trump is “speaking the truth”.

The Democrats do it all the time. Don’t you listen to the names and language they use against him?? The crowds at leftist Rally’s cheer when he is called a specific name that would get me banned from this forum.

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Worked for him the first time. Why do you think it won’t work again?

President Obama’s family was treated bad along with Obama and he didn’t have to act like a 12 year old.

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What does someone get out of attending one of those things anyway? Might as well listen to the local crazy homeless person rant and rave.

Obama didn’t have near the hate and vitriol hurled at him that Trump has. Did any Hollywood actor talk of wanting to blow up the White House? Any actor talk of wanting to punch him in the face? Was anyone in the right screeching about impeaching him from his first day in office? Was anyone on the right calling for Democrats or liberals to be publicly harrassed out of restaurants or other public places? Did Republicans shoe him the contempt Nancy Pelosi showed towards Trump at his State of the union speech? Did Republicans refuse to attend Obama’s SOTU speech? Did any musician or group tell Obama or his campaign that he couldn’t use their music? Did any comedian hold a faux severed and bloody head of Obama up as a “joke”?

Please… There is no comparison between the way Trump is treated and the way Obama was treated.

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