Why Trump is going to win in 2020

Simple economics, the closer you get to “full employment” the fewer new jobs can be created without some serious economic changes.

Not only has UE continued to drop but more and more people who left the job market completely have come back into it and found jobs or started businesses themselves.

He couldn’t bring charges against a sitting president. Doesnt mean it wasnt there.

Trump’s performance and behaviour in the first two years and movements such as March for our Lives driving the increased enrolment and vote of the younger demographic is a more reasonable explanation for the Republicans losing their majority in the House of Reps in the 2018 midterms.

None of which can be shown to have had an effect on the election.

He could have recommended charges in his report. It was not his job to bring charges. It was his job to ascertain whether there was sufficient evidence to warrant indictments, and it was the DOJs responsibility to decide whether charges could or could not actually be laid. Mueller didn’t make a decision because he didn’t write the report and had very little understanding of anything in it, as his congessional testimony demonstrated. He was not willing to back Weissman’s judgement, because Weissman has been found crooked before, and Mueller would have had his reputation tarred by endorsing Weissman “opinion” as his own.

He also absolutely had the option of convening a secret grand jury to seek sealed indictments to be presented to Trump upon leaving office had he truly believed he had the evidence to make such a case.

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We don’t have hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants coming in per month. Besides, if legal immigrants were being counted in the job creation statistics, they would also be counted in the unemployment statistics, which have been very stable and are the lowest in decades.

There were no empty seats in Minnesota. Fake news probably took pictures hours before the rally or hours afterward.

20,000 inside and 25,000 outside wanting in.

The maga hat burners were the usual trouble makers. Antifa and BLM and college kids.

Yes, but they will never admit that. Just like they never show the stands at a Biden, Warren or Sanders rally. Trump has a year to do these rallies to keep his base energized.

No they only admit what they choose to which is very little.

Shouldn’t he actually do his job rather than gallivanting around the country playing golf and providing rallies for his base?

I would think you’d prefer him doing nothing then something.

Not at all. I would want him to write his resignation and leave the position of President of the USA immediately.

None of your business.

It’s not an either/or proposition for a 5D chess player.

I live on this planet; therefore it is my business.

Sorry, living on the planet does not entitle you to any say over who is the President of the United States, that privilege is reserved for US citizens.

I never said I did have a say in who is in that particular position.

So a forum member not living in the US is not allowed to express their opinion on political affairs related to other countries? Does that mean any forum member living in the US should not express their opinion on Brexit? Israeli elections?

There is an exquisite irony: what is your 1A about?