Why Trump is going to win in 2020

If you have time, tune into Trump’s speech in Minnesota tonight. He is speaking off script and is speaking the truth. If the support he has in Minnesota is any indication if what’s to come, whoever gets the Democrat nomination is in trouble. He is nailing Democrats just like they nail him. Democrats aren’t used to Republicans who fight back…


He has a good chance, aided not least by Democratic incompetence.

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He is going to survive and thrive after the latest phony charges against him fail to remove him from office. What he’s doing tonight is why he won in 16…

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Which phony charges?

Meh. Trump’s criminal schtick is getting old. He might win, but he’s running on low energy and has very little to show for his promises. Yeah, he hasn’t monumentally ■■■■■■ up an extant recovery, but his easy to win trade war and non existent wall have lost their tarnish.

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He’s not “fighting” back. He’s hurling childish insults at people. That may be your definition of “fighting” back but it just makes him look so…childish.


All the charges they are throwing at him over his Ukraine conversation.

Can you state the charges specifically, please? I’m curious as to whether you actually are understanding what he’s been accused of doing.

His own WH memo shows he abused the power of his office, nothing phony there.


Yes, he’s not afraid to jump down into the sewer where liberals love to wallow. They have called him and his family unspeakable things. Why exactly should he not stoop to their level? Because they are so nice to him?

I was listening to Fox Radio before the rally they were playing audio of the outside crowd chanting “Lock Him Up!”

That was cool.


Not yet, the wall is coming, illegal entry is down. He’s fulfilling his promises as quick as he can.

You mean the accusation of asking a foreign power to investigate a former vice president in an attempt to sway the election? What did you think I was talking about?

Hang on to your hope as long as it gets you through the day. Makes November 6th 2020 even better imagining all the libs crying and promising to leave America.

Trump speaking the truth? Funny.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but hoping his national support is anywhere close to the same as at his rallies is going to leave you very disappointed.


The only people I see abusing power is the Do Nothing Democrats…Pelosi, Schiff…etc…

Then you’re not really looking.

I cannot believe us taxpayers pay to fly Trump around to rattle off the names Fox news host and RW radio personalities. There’s zero ideas being presented it’s total ■■■■ and a total boondoggle. ■■■■■

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