Why today's music sucks




I’ll give you a hint.

Start playing at 4:25 for Def Leppard then,
Immediately Play 1:40 for the Archies.


No idea.


It’s the exact same line. Repeated. Almost the exact same rhythm too. I detect this borrowing in a lot of music.


I listened to WNEW in NYC too (I lived in Passaic)

That’s back when all FM jocks talked like they just took a handfull of Ludes.

Allison was my favorite. I went to sleep listening to her. She always started her show with “Stairway to Heaven” and “Court of the Crimson King”

we’re talking the 69-73 time frame…


In the last year or so Vinny was on a show on WFMU (where he is considered almost a god) and he was talking about the old days and mentioned that the first song Alison played on her first show on WNEW was Nights In White Satin. I can see that, it fits with her show’s sound.

I listened to WNEW from 1970 to about 1978. After that the magic began to slip away.


I agree- something happened to interest in radio by the late 70s. What do you think happened? The start of digital media? When people got a Walkman, and could suddenly play their own recorded music on demand?

It’s also interesting that people are now turning back to audio entertainment in the form of podcasts.


Now that you mention it, you’re right. it was Nights in White Satin, not Stairway.

Hey! It was a long timr ago! :slight_smile:


The other option was listening to Cousin Brucie on WABC (?) and hearing the same songs 5 times an hour.

It’s because of WABC that I can’t turn the channel fast enough when I hear the first notes of a Frampton or Steve Miler song!


Nice to know there are a few folks out there that share the same memories.

I remember WNEW used to play new artists no one else did. That’s where I got to know the Tom Robinson Band and Steve Forbert. They also used to broadcast live shows, like the Grateful Dead.

Man, those really were the days. Thanks for the memories…

These days I listen to WBGO, which, to me, is the closest thing to WNEW in its heyday. Kind of like “where Jazz lives”…


That’s how I feel every time a “Kars for Kids” commercial comes on…


Not sure about ‘taught’, but horns are still a thing in some musical quarters.


If you get a chance, YouTube “Leonid and Friends”

Chicago cover band from Russia that is absolutely fantastic!


I thought it had to do with corporate ownership trying to maximize profit. Play lists = more listeners.

Funny you mention the Walkman, I still have my WM1 (first gen Walkman for those that don’t know). I still have some of the tapes I made for it. That was fun.


I just listened to their cover of 25 or 6 to 4. Amazing!


By the time I was getting into music (the early '80s), FM radio was already terrible. I guess there’s a large percentage of the population that likes to hear the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

Like the guy that calls up and requests “Stairway To Heaven” or “Sweet Home Alabama”. SiriusXM is a great break from that, but even it can get repetitive. That’s why I always have CDs or a thumb drive in my vehicle.


FM stationes used to pay “Deep Cuts” - stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily hear in regular rotation.

That’s where the best music was.


They maybe good. But would you consider them the equal of say, Led Zeppelin?


Of course not. They’re just a cover band, a pretty good cover band, but only a cover band.


Today’s video for how today’s music does not suck. So I’m going to see Within Temptation in concert next week (one of my favorite bands ever). One of their opening acts is In Flames whom I’d vaguely heard of but never listened to. So I decided to give some songs a listen and I’m hooked. They’ve apparently been around since 1990 and put out lots of albums but are only really known in the US to the hardcore metal fans.

This song is a mix of screamo metal and melodic metal. It starts out screamo but will get melodic at points. Either way I love it. Obviously not for everyone though. Oh, and the guy in the video is apparently an actor and otherwise not affiliated with the band.