Why today's music sucks


I have been away from this thread for a while. Which number was it posted to?


Back in the day there was plenty of terrible music. We just tend to not remember it so much.


Looks like about post 126. Won’t bother me if you don’t like it. I thought of this thread and you when I saw the performance this past SNL.


Oh yeah. Remember “Billy don’t be a hero?” Gawd awful stuff.


The worst song ever written is “Sylvia’s Mother” by Dr Hook and that was top 40.

Plenty of Terrible music much left forgotten


Debbie Boone. Enough said.


LoL my daughter is named Sylvia, and when she was little I put it on some mix tapes and would play and sing it for her in the car. But see, that’s how we all differ. I liked that song from the 70s.

No, I didn’t name her for the song. That was my Grandma’s name.


Ha. That is funny.

But no really… in all aspects it really is a terrible song.


That’s my ex-wife’s name. :unamused:


One of my local radio stations rebroadcasts Casey Kasems Top 40 countdown shows from the 70s. There is tons of terrible music that has been blissfully forgotten.

But I always find it entertaining to hear a song from some big artist from that era that was in the Top 40 then, but it’s been totally forgotten since. I can’t remember ever hearing some of these songs.


Oh wow, who knew?


Well, it’s a bit … overwrought. In a Meatloaf good kind of way.


The Night Chicago Died-Paper Lace

The Night the Lights went Out in Georgia-Vicki Lawrence



Ahh. Meatloaf. I would do anything for love but I won’t listen to Meatloaf.


The eternal question: What the hell is"that"?


If anyone like rock music, Halestorm, Greta Van Fleet, Ghost, The Struts and Otherkin are very good.


Going to bed… but I wanted to share with those who don’t know about the the bluegrass/country scene in NYC… seen this guy, Morgan O’Kane a couple of times and he is so good it is like a religious experience.


I cannot argue with that.


Short song. See if you can spot the part where Def Leppard borrowed from the Archies.


Well, I know that song by heart, it’s great for singing and dancing, but I really don’t know anything by or about def Leppard.

Maybe you should have posted a song by Def Leppard to see if I could guess what they were borrowing from?