Why today's music sucks


Very true.

Weird to think there will be a generation of old folk listening to death metal.


This is from one of my favorite Albums of the past few years.


No weirder than the audience at Dead & Company shows.


Thats true


Sure. Then people get tired of it and cast it away after a few months. Because once you get past the rap, the electronic drums and the totally simple and non creative base line. You got nuttin.


@altair1013 thought of this thread last night while watching SNL. What do you think of this?


This is supposed to be for fun. You are taking it way to seriously. Please calm yourself.


I will sound old here, but I think without top 40 radio and MTV, new music isn’t thrown at you constantly any more. You have to seek it out. Currently, I listen to Alt Nation on Sirius, and the music is pretty good.


Back in the day (you can say that when you’re old) I used to listen to WNEW-FM in New York. Great station with great DJs like Vin Scelsa, Alison Steele, Pete Fornatale and Scott Muni.

Imagine, no play lists.


Lifetime NJ resident here, too. Ah yes- those were good times. And that’s the music I still listen to whenever I get a chance.

But before that, Cousin Brucie and and Scott Muni (known as Scottso) on WABC and WMCA forced those top 40s on us. and I loved it.

BTW- Muni’s real name was Donald Allen Muñoz.


Yeah, Scottso, what a voice. My favorite was Vinny; he was the original free-form radio DJ.


Whenever I am a little down, this songs picks me up… even though it isn’t a particularly happy song.


(raises hand)

Just put Death’s “Leprosy” disc in the truck today. I’m not a huge death metal fan, but I have some albums I liked back in the day. I remember when all of that was happening. Tampa was considered the death metal capital of the world and it was wild growing up when that was starting.


Oh, and I forgot this. Guys escape nursing home to attend metal concert. That would totally be me.


Ha that is great.


is proper horn playing not taught anymore?


If you recall. My original complaint was that many of today’s mainstream artists have decided that the lead guitar must be eliminated. They have replaced it with a repetitive, boring bass line that anyone can learn in about 3 minutes This song features the guitar and an entire orchestra. Good stuff.


Yeah… in this thread I hope that we can put aside differences and come together for good music. There is really good music these days, but in a lot of ways the field is diffuse and one has to search it out a little bit more.


True. But back in the day you didn’t have to search. It was just there. There are no equals to Tom Petty, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Peter Frampton, The Stones, Elton John, CCR, Eric Clapton, Crosby Stills Nash, Bob Segar, Pearl Jam, Nirvana or 50 other artists. I’m not even mentioning mo-town. You cannot take any artist of today and put them in that group without laughing.


You keep coming at this like just because you liked the music of that era, that everyone from that era also liked that music. All those acts irritated many people who got stuck listening to them during that time period. They aren’t inherently “better” than other popular groups or styles of music. They just happen to be what you like. My husband is probably your age, grew up when that music was all over the radio. He didn’t like it then, and he doesn’t like it now. He’s a musician and most of that stuff is too boring and bland to him. Except the Beatles. He loves them.

BTW did you like the act I posted for you up above?