Why Things Are The Way They Are

“Trump is INCHES away from firing Robert Mueller.”
The catastrophic language yielded a fundraising bonanza for clients of Mothership Strategies, a little-known and relatively new digital consulting firm that raked in tens of millions of dollars from a tide of small donations that flowed to Democrats during the 2018 midterm elections.

The company’s three millennial founders are unapologetic about their tactics — so much so that one employee’s bio on the company’s website touts she has “mastered the ALL CAPS SUBJECT LINE.”

It’s not the Russians… it’s us.

As you can clearly see, these “political consulting firms” are not only admitting to, they are proud, the very things you claim the Russians are doing. And look at the money.

It’s not just the republicans either.

What do you have to say about this?

In this global environment, is it ok because it is 3 millenials in DC?

Not technically illegal.

No, it’s not. What else you got?

They finally figured out what glenn beck et al have known for decades.

Fear sells!


nuthin. ■■■■ like this has been happening for years. it’s not a one sided issue.

Nope, it’s everyone.

Are we doing a thing where we equate the GRU to all caps emails from Americans?

That’s just like the ALL CAPS pleas for $$$$$ I get from Dumpster Donnie every day. Yawn.

It’s not in the least illegal. I agree and glad we could do so.

Did you read it?

There’s a pretty interesting phenomena on the Dem side. I was reading about it this morning. If you look at the messaging, it’s consistent. Doomsday in the future, no matter how good the present.

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Yes. I’ve been getting these ALL CAPS fear-based lying pleas for years from state and national GOP groups for years. Do I care if a dem group is doing it now? No. Republicans never cared about their side doing it.

Again. Republicans screaming and pointing at the other side for not adhering to some moral high ground they never intend to uphold themselves.

Russians aren’t collecting $$$. This is different.

The emails are now social media. Look at the Mueller example. It made it on to this board.

So it’s ok if you get paid?

How do you know Russians aren’t collecting $$$$?

I’m not screaming and I’m not a republican nor were there any in the report. Did you read the report?

I have some old hippie friends who are so gullible……….heh, I can’t even describe it. They are super honorable and great folks though and I don’t sweat it, you can’t change 'em.


What is the difference between this Mothership group and Cambridge Analytica?

Yes. They do email. Tons of emails. Says so in the article. It’s an old GOP tactic. The ALL CAPS fear mongering endless emails for $$$$. I get them all the time from state and national GOP groups. It’s based on the CEC media model.

Do I care that a dem group wants to co-op that model? No I don’t? Why should I? Why don’t you care that it’s a time-honored GOP tactic? You don’t.

Oh but Democrats.

Yes I did and you kind of are.

Not in the least. You may be projecting. If the topic doesn’t interest you; it doesn’t.

Imagine trying to conflate Americans manipulating elections with foreign entities doing the same; how lost can you be?