Why the polls are wrong when Americans vote

The polls tell us Trump will lose to almost anyone. Yet we call him president Trump for now.
It seems that when Americans vote they are not really Democrats or Republicans but Americans first and foremost.
Yet, for most people voting is an act of Patriotism. IT fuels our identity as Americans wrapped in our democratic institutions.
There is no Doubt Trump loves America. There is also no doubt that the democrat candidates attack our history, our culture and our norms.
Trump is America first and the others are America is bad.

This election will not be close and the issues of climate, health care, and taxes will not matter.

This election will be about those that love America versus those that hate America.

Trump will win not in small part because they are calling themselves the same names they call Trump.

America is a terrible place, unless you compare it to any other country.

Only celebrities leave America, Normal people still seek the land of opportunity.

America has elites but it is a fluid upper class. Some rise some fall. But everybody can get on the trampoline.

Americans do not all get rich but in America you have the chance to get rich no matter what your beginnings.

The President will likely get another electoral victory.

He will not get the popular vote.

So this whole “Americans” voting thing is quite silly.

There is no doubt that Trump is cool.

They dont take into account the electors so… The American voters dont matter at all really. Just the swing states.

Trump will likely win because the Democrats are in the process of nominating a Socialist.

He shouldn’t give himself too many pats on the back.

“There is no doubt…”

you said that more then once.
I dont think that means what you think it means. There is plently of doubt that Trump “Loves America” and even more doubt that the Dems “Attack our history, our culture, our norms”.

You can say You personally have no doubt -but because half that country does not agree with those statements, there is clearly doubt about it.

The polls are generally correct. Our electoral system does not reflect polls.


Why can’t Republicans remember what type of person Donald Trump was before 2016? It boggles my mind.


Not the same person. Why can’t you lay it down?

Meh way i see it, its coming down to socialism or barbarism.

The polls are wrong because they’re national. Elections aren’t.

has there been a time in recent history that you have been right about anything political?

great Oracle who will win the popular vote?

I haven’t decided yet, I need to know who the lib nominee is.

I kinda doubt it. He loves himself and his ego. Bout it

The polls are frequently wrong because they have small sample sizes compared to the population and generally aren’t very well distributed.

More importantly people don’t necessarily respond honestly and people change their minds.

Not everyone who is polled will actually vote either.

We haven’t forgotten. He’s the president and he’s done a pretty decent job.

Presidential election polls don’t measure electoral votes. But they are usually correct based on popular vote.

No, the polls change drastically throughout the election season a get more accurate towards the end because there are fewer undecideds the closer you get.