Why the Lack of Patriotism From Present-Day democrats?

I’ll just speak for myself here and say that if I truly believed that America was being taken over and run by a traiterous, putin-controlled, modern day hitler, white supremacist looking to commit genocide against hispanics, I’d be out in the streets fighting against this corruption.

Instead we have flappy bird “beto” trying to increase his poll numbers. biden throwing wordbombs, but really just hanging out with media elites, and warren/harris sending out fundraising emails.

Then you have the low-tier groups out posting memes and name-calling on message boards.

According to several candidates, we are in the rise of a new third reich. Yet they sit back and do nothing to stop it. Why??

The last president can’t even call out this “evil” by name. What a weak and inconsequential lowlife he must be.

Where are the patriots??

Oh god what did Obama say now that prompted a flush?


Look at their platform. “America sucks, vote for me!”



what is your definition of a patriot.

How bout a guy who avoided the draft claiming “bone spurs”

it that patriotism?



Let’s apply your logic to abortion…

If anti-abortion people truly thought abortion was murder and equivalent to killing an innocent child, they would be out on the streets doing anything to prevent murder.

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That was literally Trumps 2016 campaign.

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I know plenty of patriotic democrats. The generalizing in the OP is based on partisan opinion and narcissism.

Patriotism is more than flying a flag from your car, clapping for Donald Trump and praying before dinner.

“You think our country is so innocent?” - Donald Trump 2017

The whole notion of MAGA was that America is not great and only Donald Trump can fix it. That’s ■■■■■■■■■


Patriotism does not mean blind allegiance to a country or it’s leaders. It doesn’t mean taking up arms or taking to the streets whenever you’re upset at the direction of your country. It means love for your country and it’s people. It means wanting what is best for your country. This can be achieved through communication, including scrutiny, and legal means such as through elections, peaceful demonstrations and court challenges.

If you’re asking why Democrats don’t display unwavering support for the country and it’s leaders and how dare they be vocally critical, you’re not asking why Democrats aren’t patriotic, you’re asking why they aren’t fascists.

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None of those people are running for president.


LOL. I would die for the United states.

my patriotism is not symbolic. I dont worship symbols.

I dont mouth words to the national anthem. I dont recite the pledge of allegiance,

no need to.


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Understanding that Donald Trump is a racist scumbag doesn’t mean people are unpatriotic. Donald Trump is not the United States.


OP… patriotism doesn’t mean kissing Trump’s butt.

Not everyone appreciates worshiping a politician.


Your confused, unthinking blind obedience to trump is not patriotism.


I was a guy who had a bone spur on my upper right foot near the joint of big toe, and I served in Gulf War with it. Yet according to this thread I am not patriot because I don’t worship Trump. I guess I needed to have a rich daddy bribe a doctor and get me out of military during the Gulf War.

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Lol yeah sure

Anyone remember the days when being against the Iraq war you were called un-patriotic?

Big talk from the “flush twice” guy.


I was called that by my business partner. I shot back that protesting the war was very much patriotic.
And that I was thankful to all of the brave men and women who have worked so hard to grant us our freedoms. He got silent real quick.

Calling all Tea Party Patriots!


Eh… guess they only are “patriots” when black guys are President.


I’d be out fighting against nazism in America if it was truly happening. I never accused obama of nazism. Not once. Never happened.

Are you saying you don’t believe in this line of attack from your media and party leaders??