Why the flagging thread was important

Snow, I was extremely disappointed to see the flagging thread from last night deleted without barely an acknowledgement of what actually went on in there. What happened was communication. You had both sides here communicating with each other. And both sides agreed a new spirit came out of it. Hell, three of my posts were hearted by someone who has never hearted my posts before!

As I stated last night, you guys run the show. But we are the reason there is a show. Without us, this forum doesn’t exist. We are the reason this forum makes money for Mr. Hannity. And if it runs smoothly, it’s less work for you. I don’t know if there is a preference up above that members hate the crap out of each other, but that wasn’t the idea that came out of that thread. This is a community and communities survive when they work together. There was a general agreement last night that the flagging war needed to end. But the quick deletion of that thread and the offhand comment about TTTM seemed to indicate that nothing should or would change.

We are not kids, guys. We are adults. We respect you. But you need to respect us as well. Or this place will die because people will leave. Some have already, judging from the decrease in activity.

I’m not suggesting reviving TTTM. I for one remember how bad that was. But I think you’d do well to listen to what your community is saying. The country has enough partisan bickering. A little less would be a good thing and would help the survival of this forum in the long run.

And please don’t delete this thread so quickly. It’s not a revival of TTTM. It’s real community feedback and was created in the spirit of community that was in that thread last night.

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Flagging thread was great discussion from both sides with no viloations of TOS that i could see.

Mods - why do you care what we talk about if there are no violations.

The perception is that if the mods dont personally like a thread it gets locked or deleted. Now that may be incorrect but its the perception the mods have created by their own actions.

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civility needs to come from all sides in this community. In the old forums, I never had a thread, or a post deleted. The rules haven’t changed that much over the 16 years I have been here. The lack of civility, the desire to push things to the limit and beyond has. I know you guys as Mods have a hard job to do. But unless it goes way over the top such as some of the more rapey comments we have have seen in the past couple of weeks, what we used to get was a PM suggesting we re word what we said. Not an outright deletion.

You guys know we get heated up in here…but give us a chance to change something ourselves, just don’t delete the entire thought for the use of one or two words that could easily be changed. Let us be the solution to the issues. If not nothing changes.



I guess I could have done this in the other thread, deleted the off topic (and replies) and peanuts (and replies) like I did in this one. Went from 14 pst to 4.

Next one who starts a thread on this subject may be subject to abuse of forum sanctions.

We encorage users of the board to flag violations. We have issued sanctions to a couple of people for abusive flagging.

All flagged posts are reviewed. If deleted there was a violation end of story.

And it’s typically comments like this one here – that are detrimental to the board – that are auto deletes.