Why should someone start believing in God?


He is, your not.


God is perfect, people aren’t.

Any church isn’t going to be perfect.
Everyone sins but him.

Believers of God are here to spread the word of God.


Prove it.


God bless you.

Believing in God is Faith based.

Hope, and Faith are a good thing.


I already believe that god exists.


Good. I’m Happy that you do.


How does imperfection arise out of perfection


If God were perfect, he would not be an angry and jealous god, nor would he make mistakes. But he made quite a few in the Old Testament.


Uuuum, is this a real question, or are u just messing with me?

If something is perfect, it would mean that it(God), has the power to do
anything. Hence, allowing imperfection to be possible. lmao!!!


@the American People- Ya know…… Perhaps there is no intelligent life in the universe after all. lol.


That’s a contradiction. If God is perfect then God cannot also perform imperfect actions or create imperfection. You’ve provided no philosophical basis for your assertion other than “God can do anything” which is a lazy cop out. If perfection can give rise to imperfection then it isnt perfect. Its like saying “God can do X and cannot do X”. Although, I’m sure you’ve never formally studied ontology. Have you thought about this beyond religious apologetics?


~Sigh:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:
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You fail


I don’t think I am on this issue

However, sometimes in life a persons failures are the best thing that
could ever happen to them, as long as they’re willing to learn, and grow from them.


This discussion got me thinking bout good old St. Anselm! Prompted me to look over this particular argument again. I found this link as helpful:


Nonetheless, my only contribution to this discussion will be to ask, what is perfection and who gets to decide that?


Were in his matrix…


There is no reason for being a decent human being beyond the hand of god.


I’m an atheist and a decent human being because its who I am. If the only reason a person abides by society’s morals is because of the fear of hell or because God commands it then they aren’t really decent human beings as they are just being extorted into being decent.


I’ve studied a lot more than you think. I simply don’t wish to show that much
knowledge, unless I absolutely have too.

For that way, intellectually, it makes almost everyone in society easy to overcome.
Because they constantly underestimate that kind of person. Just like they constantly underestimate Trump. Simply telling you this in general, gives away a certain
part of my strategy.


Delicious. Absolutely delicious.


I know right!? It kinda makes you feel bad that you assumed
that I knew nothing at all, and that you knew so much more than me. lol.

Then again, you’re a Democrat. They tend to think that they know
what’s best for everyone in general, weather it is or not! lmao!