Why People Think NFL Players Are Unpatriotic and Anti-Military?

Why are people automatically believed that NFL players and unpatriotic and anti-military because they kneeled during the national anthem to protest against police brutality?

Are they dumb, brainless, or both to believe anything coming out of King Trump’s mouth about the NFL?

Some people were thinking that even before Trump


So, they’re either dumb, brainless, or both.

To diminish the original message that many of those same people are too cowardly to not only address, but even acknowledge. It’s also because who the message is coming from…rich, black athletes who some believe should shut their entitled asses up and play ball.


The symbol of freedom > than the substance of exercising freedom.


Maybe we should protest racial diversity by shouting at funerals. Yeah. That will get folks attention.


Maybe where/when you protest something, it should be relevant to the topic, or at least not be at a time or place that people will find disrespectful.

It’s easier to dismiss them as haters of God, country, and military than to address the actual reason why they were kneeling.

Tactics 101 - deflect, demonize, dismiss.


It’s amazing that people want athletes to be socially-conscious and be involved in their communities, When they do, those same morons want them to shut up and play, cough, Laura Ingraham.

Cuz they’re black and uppity.


Who exactly are these “people” whereof you speak?

shut up and dribble

If they are protesting police brutality then they should do just that. It makes no sense to protest the flag then claim you are not protesting the flag. I guess they want to live in some amazing country where there are no bad people? A million cops and they all have to be saints. If one in thousand acts improperly you take a knee for the flag? As if the entire country is evil. It’s a stupid concept to expect that there be no bad cops, no bad politicians, no bad teachers and no bad NFL players. It’s stupid to expect perfection of any profession.

Protesting the flag is protesting the flag. Do not claim it is not.


Precisely. Liberals keep company like Bergdahl. They will use any excuse to denigrate the flag.

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Only a very small few were kneeling at all, maybe ten which is less than 1% of the league, until President Cheetoh began opening his yap and calling them names. Then others joined in to protest him. Those that were actually protesting the military or police - still only 10-20 tops.

Yet the haters broadbush the entire league. So if the haters, all of whom are right wingers, can broadbush then all you right wingers are nazi’s like the three or four confirmed neo nazi’s who have won spots on republican ballots this coming election. Aint broadbrushing fun?

“I’m not watching an NFL game because 1% of the players kneeled during the anthem.”


Because they’re rich thugs?

Because it makes them feel better than others

And you only see them kneeling for like 10 seconds in a 3.5 hour broadcast

You can’t unsee a knee! How many times must it be stated?