Why noboby should trust government

How can we when government has no interest in the truth. Government officials will trap you, then threaten to send you to prison if you do not respond to their questions the way that they want you to. Government officials will also ignore the crimes of people who think as they do, and attack those who do not. With or without evidence. Democrats will totally ignore huge amounts of evidence of corruption in their own party in favor of digging for anything they can find involving republicans. And republicans will do the same. In a heartbeat. So how the hell can anyone trust a government where truth doesn’t matter? It seems that the current argument is that, your people lie and ours do not. Or. Our people lie, but your people lie more. So why on earth would anyone vote to give these scoundrels more control over their lives? It’s like voting for the mob.

Their favorite control method is health care. If government, who knows absolutely nothing about health care controls yours, then they own you.

And if you think this is an attempt to demonize dems, it is not. I have many examples of republican lies that I am not afraid to mention. What about you? Will you defend, ignore or call out the lies of your own corrupt party?


I partially agree but think this is starting from the Flynn situation which doesn’t seem like a trap at all and makes me skeptical of the op.

And Roy Moore was not “rejected by the state” he was supported by the president and a large portion of the people who voted and barely lost 50-48.

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In business, people often refer to the “tone at the top.” In the case of the government, the guy at the top is a known con man who lies habitually - so I would expect everyone below the presidency to take note and follow suit that lying is ok.

You responded exactly as I predicted. Totally ignoring the lies of your own party. Do you trust government enough to vote to give them more power?

I’m a conservative independent. I don’t have a party.

Who got trapped?

So who will you vote for if not Republicans or Democrats? I guess you also despise President Donald Trump as he lies more than anyone from either party?

Hold people accountable. Vote them out of office even if it means voting against your party. Don’t vote for people with a history of dishonesty.

If the voters don’t hold politicians accountable for dishonesty, no one will.

wahhhhh! Trump is a victim!!

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Let’s address the topic a while before we go to individual examples. Because we all know what happens. Once individuals are brought in they become the topic. My question is this: How can we have honest government when we set incredibly high standards for the opposition and no standards what so ever for our own scoundrels? And have they earned enough of our trust to expand government and to be given more power?

So you agree? Both parties are loaded with scoundrels and do not deserve expanded control?

Less than 100 years ago big govt was committing mass murder on an industrial scale.

We have the 2nd A to protect the people from Tyranny

If you’re not giving examples then you’re asking us to merely discuss your opinion. And I don’t agree with your stated opinion. Without support for your opinion, then what is the point of this thread? To have people agree or disagree with your, what I believe is an inaccurate, opinion?

If you say so. But you kinda missed the point. My point is that government can not be trusted with more power over us and both parties are loaded with scoundrels who play the exact same corrupt game.

What do you think?

You are correct. It is an opinion. But it is based upon many years of observation. So my question to you is this: How can we trust either party when they both totally ignore the corruption within their own ranks and focus only on the sins of the opponent? Is honest government possible in this situation? Has government in your opinion, earned enough of your trust to be given more authority over us?

I think that I speak only for myself and would love to hear your opinion. Has government proved to you that they are worthy of more control over you?

This thread went exactly like I predicted.

I’d assert that one of the problems is that people have this opinion that government can’t do anything good/right/effectively, and then they elect people who share this view and when they get in power they prove it.

How about we stop electing those people.