Why most Eagles players decided against going to the White House

People have been mystified about why they changed their minds about going. Between 70 and 80 players and staff had agreed to come beforehand as late as May 31st. But then by the Friday before the event the White House got word fewer than 10 would be showing up.

Some such as Rush Limbaugh have suggested a conspiracy to show up Trump. And on local sports talk shows they couldn’t get to the bottom of it either.

But it’s an obvious reason and it has nothing to do with conspiracies. The problem was in that same week when the Eagles changed their minds to against going, that was the week the NFL announced their policy change that players could not kneel during the anthem. They would either have to stay in the locker room or be required to stand during the anthem.

It was that that raised the controversy anew. It was that that angered the players, and it was that that made the players decide against going. Keep in mind that prior to that, the players would have been thinking it would have been the status quo where the players could stand or kneel as they wanted. But the policy change, against the players wishes, forcing them to stand during the anthem while on the field changed that.


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it used to be a game… an American game.

now libs have ruined it.


I never knew libs had so much power!

Weak beta cuck conservatives.


So says the person who is proud they helped elect stupid to the White House.


It was our stupid president that stuck his stupid nose into the NFL that caused so much unnecessary extraneous controversy with the game this year.

You and your ilk proudly elected stupid so don’t think you can blame me and my fellow Liberals.


In my line of work, I had to sign a contract that if my behavior in business or in public, was detrimental to the entity I’ve signed with, even if it’s their image, it’s grounds to end the agreement. Kneeling was obviously detrimental to the gross revenue being generated.

I also do not understand that professional football players can’t distinguish between their personal time and their professional time. While they’re making a dime, it’s professional time and not their own to decide they’d like to participate in a controversial protest that divides their fan base.

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it does not take strength to ruin something. Think … the smell of dog ■■■■ at a summer day picnic.

Does your job include having to stand for the National Anthem?

It isn’t specific. It’s very general so it may very well cover that…if…it negatively affects the entity I’ve signed with?

pretty sure the nation was divided on Kaepernick’s disrespect before Trump was on the scene.

but your narrative probably told you to post that so… you can’t be held accountable for dumb posts.

I don’t make dumb posts.

Oh please!
If a sporting event is ruined by people not standing for an anthem you weren’t much of a fan in the first place.

Yeah… I noted that it was the narrative that was speaking through you. Being a mouthpiece is not being dumb. You probably earn high fives from fellow libs for what you do.

Unlike skulls full of mush ditto heads or proud Donny Deplorable Dummies et al, my commentary here is always just that, mine, I am the only one speaking through me.

Granted, to accent a point here or there I will use outside source material to augment an argument or punctuate a point, but that will be noted and clearly indicated.


That dog ■■■■ must be strong in order to ruin a picnic.

It was not obviously detrimental. You literally have no proof of this obviousness. Neither in the ratings nor attendance

You are 100 percent right the nation was divide on Kapernick. But that’s. The protests were all but done until the President decided to inject himself into the equation. That needs to be appreciated

Does Kaepernick have a job?

Kapernick doesn’t have a job because he’s a sub par quarterback.

Maybe and maybe he’s also another potential problem that an NFL team doesn’t need.

Of course the CEC is pushing a conspiracy theory. It’s the only way they can push a narrative.

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