Why IsRacism by Non-White/Mixed Individuals Ignored?

To be fair, those of mixed heritage don’t always get preferential treatment. Look up Rochester, New York reporter Brianna Hamblin.

Language in the video isn’t permissible here. She really is stunning.

But listen to commentary about “not liking white chicks or mulatto girls.” I’m sure had a white man in an upscale neighborhood said he didn’t watch news because he didn’t like to be controlled by black or mixed race women, he would have been outed on mainstream media.

Some of this discrimination takes place within Hispanic societies, as pointed out in the example of the bodega, how a black Latino “might steal”.

Here’s racism in Asian Indian society:

Watch the film Mississippi Masala, with Denzel Washington and Sarita Choudhury. Here are a few lines:

“You can be light and have no money and win Harry Patel. You can be dark and have money and win Harry Patel. But you cannot be dark and have no money and win Harry Patel.”

A few encounters in Hispanic communities show various individuals in my circle of acquaintance—one of Puerto Rican heritage and the other Colombian—either getting upset at being called a black girl or “looking black” after a few hours in the sun.

?!?!?!?!?! What’s wrong with looking or being black? Why is a fair complexion so highly valued in many societies? And why does mainstream media not address black/Hispanic/Asian racism by skin tone?

Fact of the matter is, racism knows no color. All “races” are just as guilty as any other. Always have been.

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