Why isn't the private sector capable of saving itself?

To make masks, and ventilators and hand sanitizer and hospitals in ships and hotels.

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Oh doesn’t matter…goverment interfered and not hold libel?

Spoken lit true authoritarian.


G sent the workforce home.

Was that supposed to make sense?

Why do you want big government telling you how to run your businesses during a shutdown? Sounds like the private sector should have saved for a rainy day

Apparently banks and consumers and businesses aren’t capable if figuring out how to deal with the shutdown themselves so they need some guberment cheese

It makes perfect sense.

Who shut it down?

So much for bootstrapping

Right. Can’t these business owners just go to school or get a better job?

G took my boots away.

G owns the schools.

They did. They didn’t plan for G to shut down the country by issuing orders for 1,000 deaths. Lack of foresight.

All of them?

Yes. All of them.

Not all of them plus most public schools are online now. Not to mention there’s plenty of free education online for them to bootstrap.

sending businesses money to provide relief is not communism or socialism, so add that to the thread fail list.

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Weren’t you saying paying people to not work is stupid in the draft thread? Why should we be paying business owners who are shut down?

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all businesses in country arent just like yours. that’s what

If giving out food stamps or welfare is socialism then so is corporate welfare

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