Why isn't the private sector capable of saving itself?

Government is wholly inefficient and incompetent. Why don’t all the CEOs and private sector leaders get together to solve this? Why are we placing our trust in big government socialism communism to save us?


you must not own/run a business

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The private sector is bailing out the government.

The leaders are getting together.


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You think the Department of Education is making masks?

Is the Secretary of State retooling his distilleries to make hand sanitizer?

Is the EPA making ventilator parts or are the auto companies?


It’s private sector are the ones stepping up.


Waste of time.


The government is the one who interfered with the private sector, taken a problem and exacerbated it.

In answer to your question, Lord willing, I and all of my employees will be fine. Even though I didn’t see this coming, I’ve prepared for it still.


I’ll answer from my expertise - Hospitality.
How can the private sector save itself in hospitality when the Government is ordering hospitality to shut down and is taking away all its revenue?

Government and Private have different goals. Governments 1st concern is protect its citizens. Private sector is focused on making a profit.

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Is that why we just passed a $2trillion stimulus package?

They are stepping up…to take the handout


Yes, but that doesn’t mean the private sector cannot figure out what to do in this situation. Why can’t they figure it out without the help of big daddy stimulus? Seems all the private banks could contact their customers and figure it out.

We didn’t need 2 trillion.

1 trillion would have be sufficient…but special interest and political agenda is that other trillion IMO.


Good post except for:

Governments 1st concern is protect its citizens

The private sector should have come together to figure this out. If they did, there wouldn’t need to be big daddy government bailing them out. Why can’t companies and banks get together and figure it out without the stimulus?

Actually I do own a small LLC. And I don’t need government cheese to help me.

What a beautiful thing, child-like simplicity of the human mind can be at times. The innocence!

Did the goverment shut them down…yes or no?


My business doesn’t either

Doesn’t matter. Debts are owned privately. Why can’t these companies work with their lenders to figure it out themselves? Why didn’t these companies save for a rainy day?

No insurance for these kinds of things? Sounds like the private sector isn’t equipped to handle pandemics

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